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Ball stretcher's harness

Ball stretcher's harness

Price: 45.00 / $63.00


A lot of you have asked for this, so here it is, the Ball Stretcher's Leather Harness. It performs several functions, but the main one is to make you feel good wearing it!

1. This unit is designed to enhance the look of your stretch - how? The Penoscrotal web (the line of skin that runs from the base of your penis to the scrotum) pulls your penis down with weights on; this hides and disguises your stretch. The BSL Harness has a detachable (on press studs) steel ring that slips over your penis and lifts it up catching in the penoscrotal web. This maximises the amount of stretch you have and displays it beautifully.

2. Most ball stretchers can't successfully wear a cockring when stretching - why? Because, with the balls stretched downward there is nothing to stop the cockring slipping down. So.. the Ball Stretcher's Leather Harness incorporates not only the leather hole through which you stuff your package, but a removable steel cockring that attaches with press studs. Thus you get the satisfying comfort of a cockring that stays in place whilst ball stretching - luxury!

3. The whole item is intended to focus attention on the stretched balls and cock and give the erotic charge that black leather and steel provides. It certainly does that.

4. It just feels good. It's very adjustable with steel buckles but is still easily wearable under normal clothing for everyday wear.

It comes one size only to fit equivalent of small and medium sized guys. Cockring is 50mm (2") Penis ring is 40mm (1.5"). Harness is 100% black leather with steel rings and buckles.

Fits waist from 28" to 43"

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