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Welcome to the newly updated website! We have new products and new features. Please feel free to browse. If you have any questions... email me! [email protected] We do not sell WMC weights to anyone else. If you did not buy it at it is NOT a genuine WMC weight. It is fake.

20mm WMC ® Ball Weights

Price £70.00

Quick Overview

The genuine original WMC ® weight - WE DON'T SELL PRIVATE LABEL OR WHOLESALE so if you see it elsewhere - it's NOT a WMC ® weight.

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Product Description
WMC ® stands for 'World's Most Comfortable' 
Ultra comfort design! (Formerly 'Wedding Rings' ©) Smooth, heavy 2 piece, highly polished type 304 stainless steel split ring for ball stretching. Use it as a wedding ring or as a supremely comfortable ball weight, it comes in two parts to ensure easy on fitting. It fastens with a fully recessed bolt to further ensure maximum comfort. Our bolts are stainless steel for greater longevity, and allen key type (allen key supplied). Because it has a uniquely large radius, this ball weight is the most comfortable around as it spreads the weight over a greater area of the scrotum. Try it out when you want to wear heavier weights for a long time. Use it at the bottom, with heavier weights on top - magic! You absolutely should always have at least one of these in your ball stretching wardrobe.

Important note; These weights are circular, not elliptical like many ball weights. They're more expensive because it's more work, with the extra machining, but it gives you a more predictable size, and therefore less likelihood of slipping off!

Weights start at .57 lbs and go to .88 lbs:
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 26mm(1.02") - OD 56mm(2.60") Weights is approx 260 grams (.57 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 28mm(1.10") - OD 58mm(2.68") Weights is approx 265 grams (.58 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 30mm(1.18") - OD 60mm(2.76") Weights is approx 272 grams (.60 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 32mm(1.26") - OD 62mm(2.83") Weights is approx 292 grams (.64 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 34mm(1.34") - OD 64mm(2.52") Weights is approx 305 grams (.67 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 36mm(1.42") - OD 66mm(2.60") Weights is approx 318 grams (.70 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 38mm(1.50") - OD 68mm(2.68") Weights is approx 330 grams (.72 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 40mm(1.57") - OD 70mm(2.76") Weights is approx 346 grams (.76 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 42mm(1.65") - OD 72mm(2.83") Weights is approx 365 grams (.80 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 44mm(1.73") - OD 74mm(2.91") Weights is approx 368 grams (.81 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 46mm(1.81") - OD 76mm(2.99") Weights is approx 374 grams (.82 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 48mm(1.88") - OD 78mm(3.07") Weights is approx 388 grams (.85 lbs).
20mm(0.78") Height x ID 50mm(1.97") - OD 80mm(3.15") Weights is approx 402 grams (.88 lbs).

Customer reviews

I have always thought about trying this out, and finally puller the trigger. I have to say, I can't believe it took me this long! I love it so much!! got the 20x32 and I love the feeling just wearing it all day walking around. My wife loves when it smacks her clit when we are going at it doggy style. Already the next size up!

Posted By: Tim

Posted on: Apr 14, 2023

I've dried a variety of weights. This is the first one I found that made a big enough size. Easy to put on and very wmc ball weight comfortable.

Posted By: Larson

Posted on: Sep 02, 2021

Very well made wmc ball stretchers. Well finished and smooth, no sharp edges or gaps. Well worth the £

Posted By: Vincent

Posted on: Jul 14, 2021

Feels great, the 44mm is a good fit (for me) the instructions for measuring were spot on! Love the pull of the 20mm high and I'll be ordering a 2nd one to stack shortly. All in all, fit and finish are beautiful. Very well made my boyfriend loves the way it swings!

Posted By: Dan

Posted on: Sep 11, 2020

This is my 3rd wmc stretcher and by far the most comfortable. Excellent company to work with.

Posted By: Dave

Posted on: Dec 21, 2018

Excellent product. Well made. Service and delivery was perfect.

Posted By: Like

Posted on: Dec 10, 2018

I bought a 20x38 a few weeks ago and the first time I tried it on I absolutely loved it, now I have a tough time taking it off. This stretcher is so comfortable I sometimes forget it’s on. Sex is so amazing with it on, orgasms are very intense and my girl friend loves the way it bounces of her clit when I’m doing her from behind. I’ve already ordered another one. Stack’em up.

Posted By: Jack

Posted on: Nov 13, 2018
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