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Not only have we been selling ball stretching gear for over 20 years, we've been using it ourselves for longer. Come to the experts...

Welcome to the newly updated website! We have new products and new features. Please feel free to browse. If you have any questions... email me! [email protected] We do not sell WMC weights to anyone else. If you did not buy it at it is NOT a genuine WMC weight. It is fake.

Glans Rings

Embark on an exploration of captivating sensations with our meticulously designed glans rings. These rings are carefully crafted to encircle the shaft of your penis, offering more than just the excitement of blood flow restriction. They also introduce an additional layer of pleasure for your partner, taking your intimate moments to new heights. Elevate your connection and intimacy by embracing this unique accessory. It not only promises heightened sensations for you but also ensures a truly delightful experience for your partner.