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Bullet Glans Ring

Price £34.00

Quick Overview

With the Bullet Glans Ring and all of the benefits that it can truly provide you will experience more stimulation during your erotic playtime and therefore a more satisfying outcome for everyone involved!

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Product Description

Let the Bullet Glans Ring bring both you and your partner more fun and more pleasure from your erotic endeavors! The Bullet Glans Ring is a 3mm ring with 4 handcrafted bullet shaped pieces attached to the ring for increased stimulation. This beauty is made from 316L Surgical Steel and comes in a variety of sizes to ensure you get the right fit for every occasion. The sizes increase in 2mm increments and range from 26mms to 38mms inside diameter of the ring. Simply slide the ring behind the head of the penis while either using lubricant or not, your choice. You want the ring to fit tightly but not be painful while you wear it. You can either wear it while erect or while flaccid, but if you are wanting to wear it during both times then you will need 2 different sizes to accommodate both occasions. Glans rings have many benefits such as increasing sensations, increasing the hardness of erections, and increasing the duration of erections to name a few. With the 4 added bullet shapes attached to the ring it increases the pleasure for both partners even more. Let the Bullet Glans Ring increase both your and your partners pleasure and leave you both with a smile!

Customer reviews

I did my usual measurement which did not account for the bullets... circumference should be inside the bullets not my typical ring size. Great exchange policy!

Posted By: Willie

Posted on: Feb 14, 2022
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