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Foreskin Restoration Retainer with Weight

Price £68.00

Quick Overview

Discover the benefits of foreskin restoration with our complete kit. Experience increased stimulation during sex, protection for the glans, and potential scar tissue improvement. The set includes weights, gripper, bell, screw, and cover nut for a comfortable and comprehensive solution. Our bioplastic material ensures strength, skin-friendliness, and a feeling of wholeness. Instructions included for easy use. Unlock enhanced sensation and comfort.

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Product Description


Restoring your foreskin will provide loose sliding skin that increases stimulation during sex for you and your partner. Your new foreskin will cover and protect the head (glans) to keep it moist and sensitive. A covered glans will de-keratinized to become smooth and pink, just like it was supposed to be. The process can also help break down circumcision scar tissue and improve appearance. Restoration can help straighten a curved penis if the curvature was caused by uneven or excessive skin removal during circumcision. A restored foreskin also gives men a feeling of being whole again.


  1. Fastening the weight securely using the screw and bell mechanism.
  2. Gently Press Your Glans Against the Retainer
  3. Carefully Roll Your Shaft Skin onto the Retainer
  4. Apply the Gripper by Rolling it onto Your Skin


  • Weight x 2 peices ( 200g. or 7oz./1piece) Total : 400g. or 14 oz.
  • Cover nut x 1 peice
  • Screw x 1 piece
  • Gripper x 1 piece
  • Bell x 1 peice

* The size of bell is approximately 34.5 mm wide at the base when flaccid.* (Included asian and European)

With Frenulum or Without Frenulum can use both!


This product material is bioplastic this material is strong and skin friendly does not cause any irritation to the skin

Clean the device by alcohol or soap as your prefer

Try to use retainer 4-8 hours per day

Please keep device stay away from hight temperature (Not over 60c')

Customer reviews

Good devices especially for the price. After a week or so I really realised how good it is. Can wear for hours and it doesn’t really got painful at all.

Posted By: Lasse

Posted on: Feb 22, 2024

After placing my order I messaged the shop owner with questions and was immediately answered. They went above and beyond. Receiving my package only 2 days after placing my order. Too notch for an entry item into this journey to decide what best works for you before spending a large sum of money on a medical grade device. 10/10 recommend this shop!!!

Posted By: Richard

Posted on: Jul 11, 2023
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