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Leather Ball Stretcher Weight

Price £26.00

Quick Overview

The Leather Ball Stretcher Weight is a comfortable stretching device made for the best results. It is made of soft leather and it comes with small BB style weights that will not only help with stretching but will also provide a good massage!

Product Description

The WMC Leather Ball Stretcher Weight combines comfort and effective results. The stretcher is made of comfortable leather so it is easy to wear and it will not irritate your skin. The weights are listed below.

These stretchers contains small BB style weights that will provide excellent results. They are also great for some deep testicle massage.

The stretcher has special snaps you can use to adjust the pressure and the diameter.

Depending on the snap you use, the inside diameter is about 25.4mm (1") to 34mm (1-34"). The ends just snap together easily to secure the whole piece.

This is a great stretcher for those who wish to achieve the best results with maximum comfort!

Leather ball Stretcher Approximate weights

35 mm = 200 Grams
55 mm = 370 Grams
80 mm = 580 Grams
105 mm = 710 Grams

Customer reviews

I bought the 55 mm just to try it. I have problems getting things to fit right and this is fantastic. I just ordered the 80 mm and will keep ordering as I stretch more.

Posted By: Bill

Posted on: Apr 02, 2023

First the service was awesome. Got this in 4 days. I have been stretching for at least 5yrs. And found this weight to be the most comfortable. I have enjoyed metal weights and found the the pull to be more pleasurable so if anything I could see more weight. But I love this to wear around the house all day. I get grabs and light boxer punches from my wife. I love this weight

Posted By: Dan

Posted on: Sep 07, 2021

Got it yesterday. Wore it all night long. Plan it wear it all day. This is my first ball stretcher, but I’ve enjoyed it. Got the first size. The 35 mm tall. Fits great. 2 or 3 button no problems.

Posted By: Chuck

Posted on: Jul 08, 2021

I'm 27 years old and started playing with ball weights yesterday. The extra weight feels really good. The service was very quick. Going to explore some more products here and very happy

Posted By: Patrick

Posted on: May 04, 2021

Delivery of order was very fast. Item is very well made. Also very comfortable to wear compared to metal ball weights. The snaps make it very convenient to remove when I've had enough! Much easier than carrying a hex tool with you. As a beginner I highly recommend this item. I ordered both the single and double so I could graduate from one to another and eventually use both together.... If I get that far! So far loving the feel and wearing it all day other than in the shower.

Posted By: Aussie

Posted on: Apr 12, 2021

Way more comfortable that I was expecting. I love wearing my metal stretchers, but this is a bit lighter and much more discreet. I'm reasonably sure I can wear it out, even with shorts!!!!

Posted By: Potamus

Posted on: Feb 16, 2021

I searched for this kind of ballstretcher for a very long time and i finally found it here! I purchased the 80mm stretcher with a nearly 600g. It's very well processed and it's comfortable to wear, even for a longer time. The delivery to Germany was very fast and this will be not the last ballstretcher i purchased here! :-)

Posted By: xboyx

Posted on: Feb 07, 2021
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