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Satellite glans ring

Price £15.00

Quick Overview

This stainless steel ring has been developed to aid healthy and strong erections. It has a ball which sits around your penis glans and both stimulates and maintains the erection. It is made from high grade stainless steel, so it's hygienic and durable.

Product Description

Stainless steel glans ring with single satellite orb for added looks and sensation. The 25mm (1") ring slips over the top of your penis to sit attractively behind the head. Orb is 10mm (0.4") diameter.

Customer reviews

Looks good, fit was perfect although takes a bit of getting used to. Great prices and makes head very big when hard. Doesn't catch on foreskin either.

Posted By: Juan

Posted on: Feb 14, 2022

Looks good and feels amazing. I’m uncut but the foreskin slides over the ring without any problems even with vigorous action. Increases sensitivity and size of the cock head and results in amazing erections and ejaculation. Couldn’t hold back when first used but look forward to more practice.

Posted By: Bobby

Posted on: Nov 14, 2021

Well all i have to say is that i personally haven't tried this product myself but i like the idea of having one or more of these other similar products and i cannot wait to order one or more of products like these and i personally would recommend this and other similar products to anyone seeking enjoyment

Posted By: Ralph

Posted on: Jul 16, 2021
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