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Short and Smooth Princes Wand

Price £45.00

Quick Overview

Made of beautiful and classy surgical steel, the Short and Smooth Princes Wand’s shaft is 0ga with a total length of 50mm and 30mm from the tip to the wand.

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Product Description

Made of beautiful and classy surgical steel, the Short and Smooth Princes Wand’s shaft comes in 8mm or 10mm length with multiple sizes to choose from the tip to the wand. It comes with three different wand gauges, 2ga, 1ga, 0ga! It is very slightly tapered at the tip for easier insertion and hollow to allow you to pee through it and therefore you can wear it all day (because it goes through a piercing we recommend very high hygiene). It ends with a classic ½” ball at the end.

Many pierced men have been asking for it and there it is! The Short and Smooth Princes Wand is a great penis plug to wear in all situations and extended period of times because it is discreet and light. It will be perfect for your Prince Albert piercing!

Customer reviews

One of the better PA pieces on here. I've purchased several and they're either too long, skinny, or uncomfortable. This is worth buying whether you're a beginner or experienced.

Posted By: Chris

Posted on: May 30, 2023

This is my first PA wand. I’ve had a PA for almost 2 years. Started with 10g and now sport a 2 gauge. This wand slid in very easily, but as others have mentioned, finding the hole for the bottom bar proved to be a little difficult, and my first attempt did have some pinching (Ouchie). Eventually, after about 10 minutes I got it threaded in. I wore it comfortably for about 3 hours. The weight pulling down when I walk and the sideways pendulous swing is amazing. It leaked a little when urinating, so I probably needed to get the next size larger. For a beginner, this seemed perfect. The quality is superb, shipping was fast and discreet. I like this wand and experience so much I ordered a 10mm easy rider wand from Secretleather. Can’t wait for it to arrive so I can try to stuff that bad boy inside me!

Posted By: William

Posted on: Jul 01, 2022

When it arrived I cleaned it , and I put it in right away .feels so good.I love this new Prince Albert jewelry

Posted By: Don

Posted on: Feb 17, 2022
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