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Striker Urethral Sound

Price £34.00

Quick Overview

The Striker Urethral Sound is a very large toy for more experienced users. It is thick, long, and made for deep urethral stimulations. It has pronounced ridges that will hit all the right spots. This is a very intense and unforgettable toy!

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Product Description

The Striker Urethral Sound is specially designed for deep and intense urethral stimulation. It is ideal for more advanced users who need that extra feeling of strong urethral stimulation.

The sound is 18cm (7-1/4") long and almost 16mm in diameter, Insertable Length is 15.3cm (6") so it’s massive and sturdy. It has numerous ridges made for additional stimulation during use.

Easy to sanitize after each use. It also includes a handle to hang on to during use.

Customer reviews

Damn, this felt so good in my enlarged urethra! the small things just don't cut it anymore, I was starting to spiral into some dark and depressing shit, HOWEVER then this bad boy came into my life. Like, whoa. As the apple was thrust unto eve, this magical item was placed into my hands, and we have not been separated since. Washes easily too!

Posted By: linton

Posted on: Dec 01, 2022
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