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Treble Sound Set

Price £52.00

Quick Overview

Let your imagination run wild and prepare to fulfill all your sounding desires with the Treble Sound Set, let this beauty expand the realm of possibilities in regards to your sexual pleasures!

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Product Description

Take your love of sounding to the next level with the Treble Sound Set that is sure to become one of your favorites!

This stunning set is made from 316L Surgical Steel, and is polished to perfection! Each sound has a handle, a stem, and shaft consisting of three bubbles on the end.

Each bubbled shaft varies in length and size accordingly. The set contains 8 sounds ranging from 7mms to 14mms in outside diameter, the set goes up in size by 1mm increments. It is just over 280mm (11 inches) in total length with an insertable length of approximately 203mm  (8 inches)

This fantastic set is just what you need to set your senses on fire and push you directly over the edge into orgasmic oblivion!

Customer reviews

If you have trouble experiencing full body prostate orgasms with regular anal prostate toys, these triple bump rosebuds are the best, surest way I’ve found for guaranteed, curled toes, eyes rolled wracking multiple full body orgasms (with and without ejaculation) I’ve ever found. These and an anal toy inserted are mind bending! I never knew I had a clit inside until these. LOL My favorite. Best gift to myself ever!

Posted By: Trainer

Posted on: Mar 04, 2023

The Treble sounds feel as amazing as they look: very simulating! Quality is good, and the stems are flexible and bendable of you prefer a curve. Definitely buy a set!

Posted By: Pikachu

Posted on: Sep 22, 2020

The order came in three days and the set comes in a very nice zippered soft case. I was impressed with the weight of the entire set and the quality of the sounds themselves. They look like fine crafted instruments, the size of each sound is engraved in the handle, nice. I'm still practicing and experimenting however I've had some amazing early results. Well done Secretleather Team.

Posted By: Keven

Posted on: Jun 28, 2019
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