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USSRs (Ultra Soft Silicone Rings) Two pack

Price £28.00 £27.00

Quick Overview

Soft silicone rings that will stretch and move with your scrotum's changing tension. They are lightweight to maintain your stretch when weight is unable to be used or when a break from weight is required.

Product Description

New! Small size USSRs Every ball stretcher's new necessity. A super soft, super stretchy silicone ring to wear next to the balls either on its own or below a set of WMC ® weights. These rings developed after months of trialling by Dave Smith are wonderful to use. Made from high grade platinum silicone we recommend using non petroleum based lubricants with these to prolong their life (SheaCoa butter for example is ideal).

Wear them individually or stack them in multiples - naturally they are metal detector safe - as tested out at airports by Dave himself. They are supremely comfortable and great to use under a stack of WMC ® weights or other ball weights also. Why? We all know how much the testicles move up and down or tighten up in the cold or during masturbation / intercourse. Because of their extremely wide tolerance of elasticity the USSRs will expand slightly as your balls change and this minimizes friction against the skin and thus reduces red skin syndrome and soreness. They also act as a cushioning buffer if used under other ball weights and this spreads the load.
Also if you are an advanced stretcher and your cremaster muscles are very relaxed it can cause some discomfort to the spermatic cords if you are wearing significant weight. These rings allow you to keep your stretch but without the weight!
If you're into ball stretching, these are a must. We also offer them in multi packs with a discount!

Customer reviews

I have four of these silicone rings in two different sizes. I mainly use the larger size (32mm id) as cushion spacers between my heavy WMC weights, which is very comfortable and stops people hearing my balls clanking ! I also use them (on their own) when going through airport security etc., so that I can keep my balls stretched. The smaller size (26mm id), I wear on my cock. I retract my foreskin and place the ring behind my glans, then roll my foreskin forward again which creates a nice bulbous foreskin. I think that these silicone rings are a must buy for every serious ball stretcher.

Posted By: Shaved Cock

Posted on: Mar 27, 2024

Another two thank you :)

Posted By: David

Posted on: Jun 22, 2021

I love these as they go on easy and return to their original size. These are a must when you stack two metal stretchers on top of each other. Place one of these silicone stretchers in between and they stop the metal ones clanking together and making noise. I would recommend getting one size smaller than what you wear comfortably in the metal versions. I wear 32mm metal stretchers with no slippage so I use 30mm silicone stretchers. They seem to work perfectly. I am concerned about using the proper lubricant. Any serious ball stretcher person knows that using a lubricant is a must for long term wear. I have been using Palmer's cocoa butter over the years with great success. The warning with these silicone stretchers is to not use any petroleum based lubricants. I need to find a new lubricant. Any lubricant suggestions will be helpful. I would like to also see 24mm and 22mm versions added for a short term tighter squeeze.

Posted By: Patrick

Posted on: Feb 21, 2019
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