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25mm Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher

Price £103.00

Quick Overview

The 25mm Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher is our newest design and promises to provide a great feel and stretching sensation!

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Product Description

The Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher is a unique shaped ball weight that offers an amazing fit! Made of 316L Surgical Steel as are all of our weights. It's a rounded, oval shaped weight with 1 screw hole to make it easier to attach. Just slide your sack through the larger side and screw the small side onto it. This shape should reduce slippage and provide a great comfort level with it's new design. Get an amazing weighted feel or stack to stretch!

25mm wide x 30mm long ellipse. Ring is 25mm high, weighs 394g (13.89ozs)
25mm wide x 40mm long ellipse. Ring is 25mm high, weighs 403g (14.21ozs)
25mm wide x 50mm long ellipse. Ring is 25mm high, weighs 470g (16.57ozs)
25mm wide x 60mm long ellipse. Ring is 25mm high, weighs 549g (19.36ozs)
25mm wide x 70mm long ellipse. Ring is 25mm high, weighs 595g (20.98ozs)

Customer reviews

I LOVE THIS!!!!!! Perfect weight, but not painful. I've actually worn this hiking and it feels like forplay the whole time!!! It took 2 tries to get the correct size, so I appreciate you folks being so easy to work with!!!!

Posted By: Jack

Posted on: Jan 18, 2021

Finally I have found truth in advertising! Couldn't believe how great this feels, had it on as soon as I got home. Two pounds of swinging steel, wow, the tug is great! No pain, no pinch, no slip. Wore to bed last night to see if it would come off due to relaxation, no problems, thought it would be a little trouble with turning over, nope! I did notice one thing, with two pounds of steel handing on your nuts you would think it might get cold, just the opposite! Wearing it outside ( it was 30°F ) it stayed warm and so did I, in bed it actually got warmer than I felt. You could actually feel a warm bundle around your nuts, felt good! Last night I also wore my Cock Screw Penis Plug that I got at the same time. I don't know which one was the cause but when I woke this morning I had a 6" precum stain on my sheets and I am still leaking precum even now! I LOVE WMC AND YOUR WHOLE CREW ! Your products are great!!!

Posted By: Parker

Posted on: Jan 05, 2021

You are going to love this awesome product!!! You can wear this weight all day and all night. You are going to notice great realts as I have. I will be moving to the next size up soon.

Posted By: Dylan

Posted on: Oct 16, 2020

These work great! With the round weights I would always slip through. Ouch. I wear a 34 round, a 32 is just too tight; but for this oval I actually did go for the 32mm equivalent- 25 x 40 x 15mm and it fits PERFECT. It doesn't slip so now I can use this oval as the base and use my rounds to stack on top. Very happy to be able to get back to stretching as the rounds were becoming problematic as a base weight.

Posted By: Grayson

Posted on: Aug 16, 2020

The wmc oval shaped is by far the most comfortable and easiest to put on of any stretcher I have tried. Very high quality

Posted By: Avitor

Posted on: Oct 02, 2018
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