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Welcome to the newly updated website! We have new products and new features. Please feel free to browse. If you have any questions... email me! [email protected] We do not sell WMC weights to anyone else. If you did not buy it at it is NOT a genuine WMC weight. It is fake.

40mm WMC ® Ball Weights

Price £88.00

Quick Overview

The genuine original WMC ® weight - WE DON'T SELL PRIVATE LABEL OR WHOLESALE so if you see it elsewhere - it's NOT a WMC ® weight! Ultra comfort design! (Formerly 'Wedding Rings' ©) Smooth, heavy 2 piece, highly polished type 304 stainless steel split ring

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Product Description

Heavy boys for a serious tug on your balls - not for the faint hearted!!

WMC ® stands for 'World's Most Comfortable'
Ultra comfort design! (Formerly 'Wedding Rings' ©) Smooth, heavy 2 piece, highly polished type 304 stainless steel split ring for ball stretching. Use it as a wedding ring or as a supremely comfortable ball weight, it comes in two parts to ensure easy on fitting. It fastens with a fully recessed bolt to further ensure maximum comfort. Our bolts are stainless steel for greater longevity, and allen key type (allen key supplied). Because it has a uniquely large radius, this ball weight is the most comfortable around as it spreads the weight over a greater area of the scrotum. Try it out when you want to wear heavier weights for a long time. Use it at the bottom, with heavier weights on top - magic! You absolutely should always have at least one of these in your ball stretching wardrobe.

Important note; These weights are circular, not elliptical like many ball weights. They're more expensive because it's more work, with the extra machining, but it gives you a more predictable size, and therefore less likelihood of slipping off!

Weights start at 1.25 lbs and go to 1.97 lbs:
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 26mm(1.02") - OD 56mm(2.20") Weights is approx 568 grams (1.25 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 28mm(1.10") - OD 58mm(2.28") Weights is approx 578 grams (1.27 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 30mm(1.20") - OD 60mm(2.36") Weights is approx 596 grams (1.31 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 32mm(1.26") - OD 62mm(2.44") Weights is approx 625 grams (1.37 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 34mm(1.34") - OD 64mm(2.51") Weights is approx 651 grams (1.43 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 36mm(1.42") - OD 66mm(2.69") Weights is approx 671 grams (1.47 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 38mm(1.50") - OD 68mm(2.67") Weights is approx 697 grams (1.53 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 40mm(1.57") - OD 70mm(2.75") Weights is approx 714 grams (1.57 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 42mm(1.65") - OD 72mm(2.83") Weights is approx 740 grams (1.63 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 44mm(1.65") - OD 74mm(2.91") Weights is approx 816 grams (1.79 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 46mm(1.65") - OD 76mm(2.99") Weights is approx 830 grams (1.82 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 48mm(1.65") - OD 78mm(3.07") Weights is approx 853 grams (1.88 lbs)
40mm(1.57") Height x ID 50mm(1.65") - OD 80mm(3.14") Weights is approx 898 grams (1.97 lbs)

Customer reviews

Got this weight to wear under work clothes so my hang wouldn't be too noticeable in the office environment. This is a gorgeous hunk of metal. I decided I didn't like where the size I normally wear sits on my sack so got this 1 size smaller and am happy I did. The 40 mm x 30 mm is heavy enough that you know you have it on and it's easy to hide under clothing. Very happy with this purchase. The shipping service was extremely prompt and arrived in a week to Illinois.

Posted By: Metalrodinmyrod

Posted on: Sep 25, 2021

Been wearing my wmc for a few days now. Been to the gym. Havent took it off yet. Very happy with my purchase.

Posted By: Kyle

Posted on: Sep 09, 2021

Recently order one of these items. Received in a very timely manner. Put the unit of and wore for two hours. Gradually have increased the time worn, which is now 12-15 hours a day. The unit is of such comfort to wear that I am unaware of it being in place. I just ordered a heavier unit.

Posted By: Jayden

Posted on: Oct 16, 2020

This was my latest purchase, as I have a round, rounded oval, and bullet stretcher. I got the 40x40mm, which I can just barely slip on. It's the most comfortable and least noticeable under clothing. I prefer going commando, but have found that I need to wear underwear to prevent chafing against the seam of my pants. Hanging free and straight down it has never come off, however with clothing it hangs to one side of the pants seam, causing one ball higher than the other. One ball slipped out yesterday while checking out at Wal-Mart Lol. Fortunately, I was able to make it to the car before it hit the pavement!

Posted By: Marton

Posted on: Dec 20, 2018
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