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50mm WMC ® Ball Weights

Price £108.00

Quick Overview

The genuine original WMC ® weight - WE DON'T SELL PRIVATE LABEL OR WHOLESALE so if you see it elsewhere - it's NOT a WMC ® weight! Ultra comfort design! (Formerly 'Wedding Rings' ©) Smooth, heavy 2 piece, highly polished type 304 stainless steel split ring

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Product Description

Heavy boys for a serious tug on your balls - not for the faint hearted!!

WMC ® stands for 'World's Most Comfortable'
Ultra comfort design! (Formerly 'Wedding Rings' ©) Smooth, heavy 2 piece, highly polished type 304 stainless steel split ring for ball stretching. Use it as a wedding ring or as a supremely comfortable ball weight, it comes in two parts to ensure easy on fitting. It fastens with a fully recessed bolt to further ensure maximum comfort. Our bolts are stainless steel for greater longevity, and allen key type (allen key supplied). Because it has a uniquely large radius, this ball weight is the most comfortable around as it spreads the weight over a greater area of the scrotum. Try it out when you want to wear heavier weights for a long time. Use it at the bottom, with heavier weights on top - magic! You absolutely should always have at least one of these in your ball stretching wardrobe.

Important note; These weights are circular, not elliptical like many ball weights. They're more expensive because it's more work, with the extra machining, but it gives you a more predictable size, and therefore less likelihood of slipping off!

50mm(1.96") Height x ID 26mm(1.02") - OD 56mm(2.20") Weights is approx 722 grams (1.59 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 28mm(1.10") - OD 58mm(2.28") Weights is approx 765 grams (1.68 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 30mm(1.20") - OD 60mm(2.36") Weights is approx 793 grams (1.74 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 32mm(1.26") - OD 62mm(2.44") Weights is approx 822 grams (1.81 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 34mm(1.34") - OD 64mm(2.51") Weights is approx 850 grams (1.87 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 36mm(1.42") - OD 66mm(2.69") Weights is approx 890 grams (1.96 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 38mm(1.50") - OD 68mm(2.67") Weights is approx 907 grams (1.99 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 40mm(1.57") - OD 70mm(2.75") Weights is approx 935 grams (2.61 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 42mm(1.65") - OD 72mm(2.83") Weights is approx 966 grams (2.12 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 44mm(1.73") - OD 74mm(2.91") Weights is approx 990 grams (2.18 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 46mm(1.81") - OD 76mm(2.99") Weights is approx 1020 grams (2.24 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 48mm(1.88") - OD 78mm(3.07") Weights is approx 1044 grams (2.30 lbs)
50mm(1.96") Height x ID 50mm(1.96") - OD 80mm(3.14") Weights is approx 1090 grams (2.40 lbs)

Customer reviews

Excellent product! I've bought a few WMC rings now and this one I've had for about 8 months. It's a great all rounder and I use it as my 24/7 weight. You can just about get away with it in shorts or trousers! Very comfortable to wear. 100% recommend.

Posted By: Hairy Scot

Posted on: Jul 25, 2023

Been stretching my balls on and off for about 12 years now so I am able to hang some pretty heavy weight once I get warmed back up. I've discovered that I have had to go down on ID since I started getting slippage with heavier weights. I also have this in a 40 mm version and decided to spring for the 50 mm version so I could get a heavier weight without it being obvious through clothing. This went right on and a little SheaCoa butter and it feels great. My favorite weights are the WMC from secretleather. The WMC are my favorite. I wearing 1 taller or heavier weight to wearing multiple weights. This weight is perfect for me.

Posted By: metalrodinmyrod

Posted on: Mar 28, 2022

I'm an old hand at the ball-stretching game and have developed an ability to hang some pretty serious weight. I wanted something relatively heavy that I could wear continually, even when in company - some larger weights make their presence pretty obvious! My previous "regular" wear was a 45 mm x 38 mm I/D WMC, but over the years that I/D has become a little tighter than ideal. So, wanting a little more wearable weight with enhanced comfort, I went for a 50 mm x 42 mm I/D WMC. This is definitely the best WMC that I have every purchased! Beautifully made, easy to fit and extremely comfortable. The tug as I walk around is incredibly stimulating! This will now be my "go to" weight.

Posted By: duke

Posted on: Jan 18, 2022

I am not new to ball stretchers. I used a snap on leather one back in the day. I have also used parachutes and used silicone ones. This is my first heavy metal one and I love the smooth contouring design, it’s very comfortable. I purchased the 50mm tall 38mm inside diameter wmc. I can’t say enough about the quality. It’s so much better than the leather and silicone ones. I will definitely be getting more items from secretleather. Very happy!

Posted By: Patrick

Posted on: Mar 04, 2021
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