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Welcome to the newly updated website! We have new products and new features. Please feel free to browse. If you have any questions... email me! [email protected] We do not sell WMC weights to anyone else. If you did not buy it at it is NOT a genuine WMC weight. It is fake.

60mm WMC ® Ball Weight

Price £112.00

Quick Overview

The genuine original WMC ® weight - WE DON'T SELL PRIVATE LABEL OR WHOLESALE so if you see it elsewhere - it's NOT a WMC ® weight! Ultra comfort design! (Formerly 'Wedding Rings' ©) Smooth, heavy 2 piece, highly polished type 304 stainless steel split ring.

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Product Description

Heavy boys for a serious tug on your balls - not for the faint hearted!!

WMC ® stands for 'World's Most Comfortable'
Ultra comfort design! (Formerly 'Wedding Rings' ©) Smooth, heavy 2 piece, highly polished type 304 stainless steel split ring for ball stretching. Use it as a wedding ring or as a supremely comfortable ball weight, it comes in two parts to ensure easy on fitting. It fastens with a fully recessed bolt to further ensure maximum comfort. Our bolts are stainless steel for greater longevity, and allen key type (allen key supplied). Because it has a uniquely large radius, this ball weight is the most comfortable around as it spreads the weight over a greater area of the scrotum. Try it out when you want to wear heavier weights for a long time. Use it at the bottom, with heavier weights on top - magic! You absolutely should always have at least one of these in your ball stretching wardrobe.

Important note; These weights are circular, not elliptical like many ball weights. They're more expensive because it's more work, with the extra machining, but it gives you a more predictable size, and therefore less likelihood of slipping off!

60mm(2.36") Height x ID 26mm(1.02") - OD 56mm(2.20") Weights is approx 889 grams (1.95 lbs)
60mm(2.36") Height x ID 28mm(1.10") - OD 58mm(2.28") Weights is approx 907 grams (1.99 lbs)
60mm(2.36") Height x ID 30mm(1.20") - OD 60mm(2.36") Weights is approx 935 grams (2.06 lbs)
60mm(2.36") Height x ID 32mm(1.26") - OD 62mm(2.44") Weights is approx 992 grams (2.18 lbs)
60mm(2.36") Height x ID 34mm(1.34") - OD 64mm(2.51") Weights is approx 1020 grams (2.24 lbs)
60mm(2.36") Height x ID 36mm(1.42") - OD 66mm(2.69") Weights is approx 1077 grams (2.37 lbs)
60mm(2.36") Height x ID 38mm(1.50") - OD 68mm(2.67") Weights is approx 1133 grams (2.49 lbs)
60mm(2.36") Height x ID 40mm(1.57") - OD 70mm(2.75") Weights is approx 1162 grams (2.56 lbs)
60mm(2.36) Height x ID 42mm(1.65") - OD 72mm(2.83") Weights is approx 1190 grams (2.62 lbs)
60mm(2.36") Height x ID 44mm(1.73") - OD 74mm(2.91") Weights is approx 1233 grams (2.71 lbs)
60mm(2.36") Height x ID 46mm(1.81") - OD 76mm(2.99") Weights is approx 1264 grams (2.78 lbs)
60mm(2.36") Height x ID 48mm(1.88") - OD 78mm(3.07") Weights is approx 1315 grams (2.89 lbs)
60mm(2.96") Height x ID 50mm(1.96") - OD 80mm(3.14") Weights is approx 1360 grams (2.99 lbs)

Customer reviews

I got my 60 mm Ball Wight delivered to my Hotel at Canterbury. I could wear it the first five days 5/24h while hiking on the Via Francigena Pilgrim Route. After that the skin was irritated and needed a break. But it's a wonderful feeling with this heavy weight on my balls, I LOVE IT. Even with this good quality work, I cold feel the edge itching on the skin. Somehow I have the feeling that the precision could be enhanced with two bars instead of only one, so the weights can't move sideways.

Posted By: Paul

Posted on: May 07, 2024

I collected my parcel from our local sorting office with great anticipation. I already have four WMC weights so was expecting exquisite quality and reliable service, I was not disappointed. I have found that wearing my weights overnight achieves awesome results, my stretch is now over130cm and I sleep with 50cm of weights every night but decided that a single 60 mm weight would be heavier and more comfortable for overnight wear, and how right I was, amazing, awesome just to use a few superlatives, a truly wonderful feeling and, despite it being early days I can definitely see and measure the results. Wow, just wow

Posted By: Alexoral

Posted on: Dec 18, 2023

This has just arrived quality amazing could not weight to get it on, removed my 40mm 670 g and replaced it with 60mm 1270g god the pull is amazing will be buying more sizes to add to this one.This one is a real turn on and my partner loves the look and feel of it, deserves more than 5 stars

Posted By: Bigernie

Posted on: Oct 27, 2022

When you get one of the WMC stretchers delivered to your doorstep, the first thing you notice is the craftsmanship. I started out ballstretching just over a year ago with cheaper metal stretchers, and although the weight was there, the comfort absolutely wasn't. Adding to that is the fact I only have one ball left, and I yearned for more comfort when wearing stretchers. Luckily I came across secretleather via word of mouth of other stretching enthusiasts, which changed the game for me. The cheaper stretchers did one thing right: I found my ideal inner diameter, so my first SL stretcher was a direct hit as it had the correct ID. Started out with a 40mm, and it was so comfortable I then continued wearing it to bed the second day. First morning I woke up with the WMC around my sack and stood up, it was so relaxed the weight just dangled around. And just as important, my one remaining nut (Atlas, as he is carrying the weight of the world ;) thanked me for the WMC the next night by delivering a massive load! After that I quickly ordered the 60, 30 and 20mm to complete the set. Using the entire set will keep me going up to 150mm ( I max out at 110mm right now), something to look forward to! The 60mm is now my daily driver, and I can keep it on for multiple days straight without ever getting any nasty pulling or pinching. I just take it off before showering, clean it, use some shea on my sack, then put it back on afterwards. Masturbation and also sex are superb with it/them on. One day a week (sometimes 2) I go without the WMC and just softly stretch and massage my sack manually. After that I'm quick to put my WMC (or more than 1) back on, it feels that good. Now, that 60mm WMC Heavy Ball Weight looks like it's gonna be my next purchase, probably sooner rather than later! Thanks secretleather, you made me a true ball stretching enthusiast!

Posted By: Atlas

Posted on: Jun 08, 2022

had been a fan of ball pumping for 2 years. However, I find that ball pumping helps expand the srotum, but does not lower the testicles. So I decided to try ball stretching. For almost 2 months I have been using a 3 inch leather ball stretcher with which I am very comfortable to wear it 8 hours a day. with the forum, I found a multitude of information which I think will be useful to me. Last 2 weeks, I bought a metal ball stretcher on the internet but of poor quality I think... too small, because I don't know how to take a good measurement. it weighs 900 gr and measures 33mm in diameter, while I think I need about 45 or 50 mm... on the other hand, I attached it to the leather ball strtcher and I have been wearing it for 3days now, 4to 5 hours per day with no comfort or pain issues. secretleather products seem like a very good choice to me but before by, I would like to know how to make sure to choose the right size and the right product. I’m interest by wmc ball weight, but I want to be sur to buy the good size. I want one 900gr or more, diameter 48 I think (the circonterance of my scrotum is 15 cm.

Posted By: Sylvain

Posted on: Mar 08, 2022

I have every one of these wmc ball weights from 20mm to 60mm. I started out small years ago and now wear my 60mm every day for at least 7 hours. I absolutely LOVE the tug and the swing! These donut ball weights are the best quality I've seen anywhere. Highly recommended!!!

Posted By: Alfred

Posted on: Mar 06, 2022

The summary says it all (which applies for all the products at secretleather. The wmc is super high quality, feels great and is backed by amazing customer service. I only buy my stretchers from secretleather.

Posted By: Andrew

Posted on: Jan 11, 2022
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