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Beaded BiBall Penis Plug

Price £34.00

Quick Overview

Elevate your pleasure with the Beaded BiBall Penis Plug. Crafted from Surgical Steel, its gradually increasing beads and unique weight offer instant arousal. Perfect for extended wear, this 83mm plug hits all the right spots for an explosive orgasm. Choose from 7 sizes for a customized experience.

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Product Description

This plug is a must if you like extended wear. The feel and look on you are absolutely amazing. Insert the 6 gradually bigger beads and feel each pop into place with each time more pleasure, until you reach the ball at the end. One of the most enjoyable attributes of the Beaded BiBall is its nice weight that will pull your shaft down and give you an erection instantly.

The beads will hit all your most erotic spots and build up your pleasure until you reach an explosive orgasm. And because it is hollow, you can just let it happen. This plug is about 83mm in length and it is made of Surgical Steel. You have 7 different sizes to choose from so there is one for you for sure!

Customer reviews

Great service as always, guys, you won’t be disappointed with this beauty. Good weight and length. Still a slippery slope.

Posted By: John

Posted on: Jan 01, 2024

I want to thank you for the pleasure that I have enjoyed using your penis plugs. i was using some of your other plugs in size 13 but they would no longer stay in. I ordered this plug in a 14 on Sunday and received int in the mail on Wed. The day morning I inserted the plug . I had to use some force to get it all the way in . I has been in for a week . I enjoy the weight and how it feels in my penis.

Posted By: Craig

Posted on: Jan 30, 2023

I purchased my first plug awhile ago (8mm sleek&slender plug) and i liked how it felt and was able to keep it in place longer time. But it was too small in diameter. So i ordered 10mm BiBall plug and that felt amazing. It is also exiting to watch it sliding in by it’s own weight. It feels cool, when you insert it backwards, so the bigger end is inside and rest of the plug is hanging outside and then walk around with the plug swingin in every direction. (Kooksi nivelreumaan too) I ordered already 12mm version. This plug feel totally different compared to smooth equal width plugs. Thanks for new sensations!

Posted By: Beginner

Posted on: May 25, 2021
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