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Ribbed Sleek and Slender

Price £31.00

Quick Overview

If you are already a fan of our Sleek and Slender Penis Plug, this is a wonderful way to step up gently. The ribbed design adds a delightful twist to your sensations. You will feel a “pop” every time you push a rib inside. Open the door to new sensations and try it out, you won’t go back! Also great for beginners because it is available in sizes as small as 7mm.

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Product Description

The Ribbed Sleek and Slender Penis Plug are great for beginners. The smooth ribs make it easy to insert into your urethra. Just relax, push it in slowly, and you will feel the pleasure increase with each rib disappearing inside you.

It is made of beautifully polished 316L Surgical Steel and measures 51 mm (2") in length.

The glans ring will keep the plug in place, but also make your penis more sensitive and hard. You will love wearing it as you masturbate the stimulation inside and out will make you lose your mind!

Don’t worry about letting go as you climax, this plug is hollow so you do not have to remove it to ejaculate. Wear this plug for an extended time to stretch yourself and go up a size, we’ve got you covered with our 7 different sizes!

Customer reviews

I just got the 14mm size today and HAD to get it in me. It was a tight fit, but looks so hot with the large round end snuggled up in my head. Unbelievable. I can't wait to wear it all day. It's the heaviest piece I've owned and feels great when walking around, swinging back and forth. The ridges keep it in place, no need to use the attached ring if you order a size that makes for a tight fit.

Posted By: Chris

Posted on: Feb 02, 2023
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