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Biball Penis Plug

Price £29.00

Quick Overview

Let the Biball Penis Plug tantalize your senses and treat you to the pleasures of wearing a penis plug and feeling the awe inspiring sensations of stretching as your cock conforms around it for the perfect fit!

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Product Description

The Biball Penis Plug will entice you with it's weighted feel while stretching your urethra providing you with a multitude of erotic sensations that will push you over the edge into one amazing orgasm after another!

Made out of Medical Grade Surgical Steel to last a lifetime, this beauty measures just over (82.5 mm) 3 1/4 inches with a full (70 mm) 2 3/4 inches insertable, and is available in various diameters with a 16mm ball on the end to prevent over insertion.

This beauty is just the right size to wear all day, and since it is hollow and allows bodily fluids to pass through there is no reason to be removing it constantly. It can be your secret, unless you want to share of course!

Customer reviews

Wow, ordered October 28th. Shipped to Canada. Received the order November 10th. Now the wow, should be about the weight and fit. It’s a slippery slope, a little bigger, a little more weight, loving it. We’ll see if this one is good for 5 months.

Posted By: John

Posted on: Nov 11, 2023

A really superb plug - beautifully made like all Secretleather products, and really gets your attention! By far the most secure straight plug that I've tried - it can be a bit of a challenge to get it in, but once it's there it stays there! Heavier than most plugs, which I like - feels great while walking around! I had no trouble getting the second ball in once I had the main plug inserted. It fights you a bit coming out, but as Somi commented, what goes in must come out! A really good buy!

Posted By: duke

Posted on: Jul 06, 2022

This thing is great. It required (for me) a little extra work to get it in but when it’s in to stay. I haven’t gotten the second ball in yet, but I will. Fit and feel is awesome, a little scary getting it out, but I will come out. Remember, whatever goes must eventually come out. Just wish it had a cap/plug for the end

Posted By: Somi

Posted on: Feb 14, 2019

Takes patience and plenty of good quality lube to get the larger size (11mm) in, but once it's in- WOW! Absolutely love the weight and looks. You'll be glad you used quality lube once you start taking it out- be just as patient as you were going in. Favorite of all my Secretleather purchases.

Posted By: Charis

Posted on: Dec 20, 2018

Quality product, discreet shipping and charge card processing. I plan to order more items here, just wish they had larger selection (size wise). For truely fringe fetish sizes, products are hard to find

Posted By: Jos

Posted on: Dec 12, 2018

Super fast ship! I ordered the 13mm plug by standard shipping early Monday morning and it was in my mailbox Wednesday afternoon. I couldn't wait to try it so I sanitized it and it was in in no time. It is a big plug so it didn't go in easily but it was not bad either. (I have had bigger) Once it is in it stays in nicely. It is a heavy plug and I like that but it may not be for everyone if you prefer lighter ones.

Posted By: Luke

Posted on: Oct 09, 2018

Love it, the quality is great, the price is great, the feel is great!!

Posted By: Pluger

Posted on: Jul 20, 2018
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