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Devil's Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher

Price £32.00

Quick Overview

The Devil's Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher is a powerful penis toy made for all fans of urethral stimulation. It is highly polished, with a twist going from the bottom to the top of the insertable portion. It ends with devil horns that can be used as a glan

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Product Description

The Devil's Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher will make you so excited you might grow some horns yourself! This powerful 3 inch insertable urethral toy is made for intense stimulation and perfect experience. The toy is highly polished and made of high-quality steel so it’s safe, durable and sturdy. It has a twist going from the bottom to the top of the insertable portion for some steamy stimulation during use.

The toy ends with “devil horns” that serve as a glans ring for additional massage. While it’s not a full glans ring it sure provides some extra stimulation and pressure to your penis.
No matter of the time of the day and whether you’ve been good or bad this toy will sure make you feel very “horny”!

Customer reviews

I've been using the 7 to 11mm one for a while now and really love that full feeling it gives. I also love the way that my cock slit pops over the last ridge...awesome feeling but is tricky getting it free again as it wants to stay put...mmmmm..not a bad thing tho. Now going to try the biggest cock is aching just thinking about it arriving in the post.

Posted By: Naughtynige

Posted on: Jan 03, 2022
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