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Shower Head Penis Screw Plug

Price £32.00

Quick Overview

Whether you want this plug for all the excitement it adds to urine play or to get your rocks off and cum like never before the Shower Head Penis Screw Plug will please you and all your hidden desires!

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Product Description

The Shower Head Penis Screw Plug will send your senses into overdrive with all of the erotic sensations it will send coursing through your body! Made out of Medical Grade Surgical Steel this toy is built to last. This beauty is hollow to allow bodily fluids to pass through to the to the numerous openings on the head of the plug creating the Shower Head effect when you cum or during urine play.

Screw like threading runs up the shaft of the plug leading into smooth oval shaped bump right before the head. The Plugs come in 4 sizes 8mms, 10mms, 12mm and 14 mms s all of which are (95.5 mm) 3 3/4 inches in total length, (76.2 mm) 3 inches insertable length, and have a 18mm head. Let this baby fulfill your needs inside and out as it thrust you into the arms of ecstasy and provides an awe inspiring visual once you give into that sweet release!

Customer reviews

This corkscrew thread on this plug works like a charm. With some lube and no effort the plug slid in with no pain despite being 2 mm larger than my other plug. Love to have the showerhead right tight to my cock head but that will take some time Works like a shower head when I piss....great buy.

Posted By: Jeff

Posted on: Feb 16, 2023

I got this and had to slowly work it it in a little more each time until I got it in and it was unbelievable only wish that they had made the outer holes smaller as I have a enlarged prostate and not much pressure but I love it and wore it for a week and don’t recommend you leave it in that long for the first time as it was a hard time to get out but still enjoy putting it in and going shopping and going to the bathroom and peeing in the urinal as so many people ask about it you will love it I only wish I could send you a picture of it installed

Posted By: Brain

Posted on: Jan 24, 2022

I bought this plug a week ago and could not get the last bulb in at first. But after a little work it slipped right in. I love wearing in for extended periods of time. I have worn it to wok all day and slept over night in it. What a Wonderful feeling as I roll over in bed and feel it's threads press against my cock. I suggest you don't wear underwear when wearing it so your manhood can feel the weight as it tugs on you. I also suggest you sit to take a piss otherwise you will probably make a mess, it will spray all over the place.. I love it though. Great job WMC

Posted By: Lee

Posted on: Jan 03, 2022

Extremely well made item very smooth and pleasurable to insert. The screw threads make it easy to work in all the way in. Size is just right for me, both in terms of length and diameter. As I have a rather small penis, this thing hanging out of the head looks great, and the steel shaft running up through my cock gives a nice strong feel to it. Be sure to lube up, and whatever you do, don't force it in; take your time and you'll be glad you did.

Posted By: Paul

Posted on: Jan 07, 2019

I absolutely love this plug!! I have strectched my pee hole large enough (using Hagar sounds as well as the nasal speculum) to accommodate a 12mm Hagar sound. I ordered this plug in the 12mm size hoping that it would thread right in and keep my peehole stretched. I love the ability to slowly thread my pee hole to 12mm and then wear it there for hours on end. My only regret is that it doesn't come in any larger sizes. It's a perfect way to slowly stretch your peehole to those larger sizes that you've dreamed of.

Posted By: Robert

Posted on: Dec 13, 2018
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