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Silicone Flexible Beginner Sound Urethral Stimulation Sounding

Price £24.00

Quick Overview

The New Silicone flexible Beginner Sound is an elegant urethral toy specially made for beginners. If you want to try urethral stimulation for the first time, this is a perfect toy for you! The sound is slightly ribbed for additional stimulation so it will satisfy you to the fullest.

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Product Description

The Flexible Beginner Sound is a great urethral toy that will sure satisfy you. It is ideal for those who wish to try urethral sounding for the first time.

Since it’s made for beginners, this sound has a little smaller diameter: it’s 6mm at its widest and 215 mm (8 1/2) inches long.

The toy is made of BPA Free Silicone so it’s durable, body-friendly and very elegant.

The sound has a slightly ribbed exterior made for additional stimulation. It also comes with a ring on top so it can’t get lost inside.

Customer reviews

Arrived early. After some time of use although fairly happy still with my purchase however the silicone can feel a bit porous and doesn't glide nearly as well as surgical steel sounds!

Posted By: Tim

Posted on: Jan 28, 2023
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