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Teardrop Sound Stick

Price £32.00

Quick Overview

The Teardrop Sound Stick will have you worked up into a frenzy in no time at all and provide some of the most intense orgasms of your life as it fills you up reaching deep into your secret spots!

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Product Description

Get the Teardrop Sound Stick and enjoy deeper and heightened orgasmic pleasures than ever before with this unique beauty!
It has a hollow shaft made from 316L Surgical Steel and an exquisitely polished mirror like finish. The hollow shaft will allow for fluids to pass through without having to remove the sound to allow the fluids through. It is approximately 171 mm (6 3/4 inches) long with and the insertable length is approximately 139 mm (5 1/2 inches), and it is available in numerous diameters so that you can find the size choice that fits you best. The entire shaft is lined with teardrop shapes which are each approximately 19 mm (3/4 inch) long one after another. The teardrop design offers maximum stimulation for more intense erotic sensations. On the end of the shaft there is a 25.4 mm (1 inch stopper to help to prevent over insertion.
The Teardrop Sound Stick will become a favorite erotic toy after the very first use and keep you "cumming" back for more to relive the experience!

Customer reviews

I was searching for something similar, and I'm thrilled I went with this option. The experience was beyond my expectations. It did take some time, but on several occasions, I was able to bury it completely, resulting in an intense and unforgettable climax. If you're considering it, go with the 14—you won't be disappointed

Posted By: Bruno

Posted on: Sep 07, 2023

I ordered the 14 mm size and worked it in. However, only 2 teardrops could fit as I have a tight spot about 1 inch in. Surprisingly, when I turned it around, the 1-inch stopper end went in. It looks like I need a bigger one.

Posted By: Felix

Posted on: Jun 09, 2022
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