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The Bullet Urethral Sound

Price £32.00

Quick Overview

The Bullet Urethral Sound is an elegant toy made for deep sensations. Also, this sound has the unique bumps on the surface, designed to provide additional stimulation. The ribs are nicely defined so they are made for deep pleasure. This is a urethral sound you will truly enjoy!

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Product Description

The Bullet Urethral Sound is like a string of anal beads, for your penis!
The Bullet urethral sound by Dominator consists of a rapid fire succession of balls which penetrate your penis giving you precipitous pleasure! The Bullet starts out with a tapered and rounded tip for easy insertion, then the deeper you go, the larger the beads get. How much can you take?
Choose from three different sizes of Bullet Urethral Sound, each more pleasing than the last!


Length 178 mm (7 inch approximately)
Smallest bullet diameter 5 mm
Largest bullet diameter 8 mm


Length 178 mm (7 inch approximately)
Smallest bullet diameter 7.5 mm
Largest bullet diameter 12 mm


Length 178mm (7 inches)
Smallest bullet diameter 10mm
Largest bullet diameter 15mm

Customer reviews

Every guy should have one of these in his toolbox. Working with this rod gives me a super hard-on and an amazing, engorged cockhead, plus it gets me just a little desensitized - great for a prolonged bate or fuck session. I love watching my pee hole wrap around each of the bulbs as I work it in and out of my cock, and the glistening strings of pre-cum that I pull out with it make for some great stroking. My cock’s new best friend!

Posted By: William

Posted on: Sep 03, 2023
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