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Twister Urethral Sound

Price £38.00

Quick Overview

Let the gentle threading of the Twister Urethral Sound send wave after wave of erotic stimulation as each ridge passes inside you working you into an erotic frenzy that always leads to the happy ending you so desire!

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Product Description

The Twister Urethral Sound will bring immense pleasure as it twists its way inside you, time and time again!

This sound is made of solid 316L Surgical Steel and is almost 7 inches in total length and almost 6 inches of insertable length, Ball size 25.4mm (1'') . The shaft is gently threaded and 10mm in diameter with a 1-inch solid ball on the end.

All you need to do is lube this baby up and let the intense erotic stimulation it will provide take over as your body spasms with orgasmic pleasure each and every time you break this beauty out to play!

Customer reviews

I didn't use this for weeks after purchase, thinking I wouldn't be able to get it in because of its diameter. It turns out to be about 9.5mm, not 10mm as the description says. The first time I tried it, it sunk in beautifully (all the way to the ball) and now I can't get enough of it! Flaccid or erect, doesn't matter to me - I use it almost every play session now. I love feeling the threads through the skin too. If your cum hole is tight enough and lubed, this will actually screw itself in; what a total trip to watch it slowly turn as it works its own way in. It also functions as the ultimate cum stopper too.

Posted By: Dub

Posted on: Mar 19, 2023

Received this yesterday and was impressed by the look, weight, and feel. After proper sterilization and cleaning, I put it into the rotation of playthings. When its turn came up it pulled its weight literally. I didn't feel much at the urethral opening, but the sense of fullness as it went further and further in and seeing the 1-inch ball perched atop my hard cock, O My Fucking God, tremendous. Then the weight when you stand up! This will be in the rotation for a long time!!!

Posted By: Tony

Posted on: Dec 03, 2022
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