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Urethral Stretcher Spike with Through Hole

Price £34.00 £29.99

Quick Overview

The Urethral Stretcher Spike with Through Hole is a powerful toy that will give you hours and hours of pleasure. It’s made specifically for those who like to stretch their urethra in a comfortable and effective manner. This is a great toy for stretching and pleasure!

Product Description

The Urethral Stretcher Spike with Through Hole is a powerful tool made for effective urethral stretching without pain and discomfort. This stretcher will bring you so much pleasure you will love to use it over and over again. You may use the stretcher to accommodate larger plugs or simply to achieve different erotic sensations. This stretcher has 5 balls and each of them increases in size the further you insert the piece, creating unique sensations you will just love to experience.

The ball sizes:

    The first (and smallest) ball: 9mm insertable width
    The second ball: 9.75 mm insertable width
    The third ball: 11mm insertable width
    The fourth ball: 13mm insertable width
    The fifth (and largest) ball: 15mm insertable width

The whole toy is about (127 mm) 5 inches long.

This stretcher comes with a ring on one end so you can never insert it more than what is recommended. It also comes with a through hole so all the fluids can pass through without a problem. This allows you to wear the plug for a prolonged period of time.

Customer reviews

I just started getting into this and I am loving it but I will like to know the best stretches you will recommend.

Posted By: Eric

Posted on: Oct 06, 2020

Fast service the product is very well made, for me it would have been nice if the very tip was more rounded like a ball but that is just me. There were no sharp edges at all and after receiving the unit I can say it is not for a beginner unless you have a lot of patience which is something I do, it will take a long time and a lot of pleasing work to get to the very end of this piece ( am at present at the 9.5mm dia great feeling) and look forward to every minute. Thanks for making a great product.

Posted By: Daniel

Posted on: Feb 04, 2019

Very heavy has a great feel but I just have not been able to pass the largest ball 16mm. I must add I have purchased 5 insert s and this is the best.

Posted By: Mak

Posted on: Aug 09, 2018
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