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Biball Penis Plug Flexible Silicone

Price £23.00

Quick Overview

Let the Silicone Biball Penis Plug tantalize your senses and treat you to the pleasures of wearing a penis plug and feeling the awe inspiring sensations of stretching as your cock conforms around it for the perfect fit!

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Product Description

The Biball Penis Plug will entice you with it's weighted feel while stretching your urethra providing you with a multitude of erotic sensations that will push you over the edge into one amazing orgasm after another!

Made out of Medical Grade BPA Free Silicone to last a lifetime, this beauty measures just over (82.5 mm) 3 1/4 inches with a full (70 mm) 2 3/4 inches insertable, and is available in various diameters with a 16mm ball on the end to prevent over insertion.

This beauty is just the right size to wear all day, and since it is hollow and allows bodily fluids to pass through there is no reason to be removing it constantly. It can be your secret, unless you want to share of course!

Customer reviews

Silicone Penis Plug has quickly become my go-to toy. The sensations are mind-blowing, and the medical-grade silicone ensures it will last for ages. I can wear it all day without any discomfort.

Posted By: Gunther

Posted on: Sep 07, 2023

The Biball Penis Plug is an absolute delight. The light-weight feel and urethral stretching create an array of erotic sensations that lead to incredible orgasms. Plus, it's made of flexible, medical-grade silicone

Posted By: Carl

Posted on: Feb 17, 2023
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