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Every Pleasure Known Sounding Rod

Price £31.00

Quick Overview

The “Every Pleasure Known” Sounding Rod is a powerful urethral toy made for deep sensations. It is a must-have toy for your collection. It has sensual shapes running along the shaft that will touch all of your most sensitive spots. Stick it inside and experience a ride of your life! Solid 316L Surgical Steel.

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Product Description

The "Every Pleasure Known" Sounding Rod is a premium urethral toy made to satisfy even the most demanding users. It is specially designed to go deep and touch all of the most sensitive urethral spot, so you will enjoy it to the fullest.
This urethral toy has different shapes running along the shaft for the most arousing experience imaginable.

The whole toy is 8” long and it has peaks and valleys, humps and bumps so it will hit all the sweets spots. These are almost 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm at its largest points, with handles on the top.

Stick this toy and experience the ride of your life!

Customer reviews

Amazing. Use stretcher first and loads of lube but amazing. Please don’t force this please practice with stretcher first.

Posted By: Steve

Posted on: May 17, 2024

New to sounding after experimenting with a plug. The sensations this sound delivers is fantastic. I was anxious at first but found the 8mm EPK just done its own thing and before I knew it the whole thing had disappeared. Plenty of lube, time and some prior reading has opened up a whole new world of urethral play. Lots of fun indeed! Now considering the 10mm one... oh dear...

Posted By: Redsumo

Posted on: Mar 29, 2024

As soon as I got the package, I ripped it open and got right to work! That first part was tricky to squeeze in but after that, it sunk all the way down. And I felt instant bliss. Pulling it out and sinking it back in damn near sent me over the edge! Ever since it's been a 2 or 3 times daily ordeal! Definitely recommend!

Posted By: Joe

Posted on: Feb 16, 2022

I had been eyeing this for quite some time. I finally broke down and ordered it in size 14mm. I just received my order on 3/2/2021. After sterilizing and reading it I gave it a try. OMFG it was simply amazing. I only wisj I orderedit much much sooner. The varying ribs and such make for a very unique experience. I just love the "pops" you get from each rib at unexpected times. Very high quality much like all the other items I ordered from Secretleather (ribbed sounds in 12mm and 14mm). You cannot believe the size and weight of this item... same with the ribbed sounds. This is by far me new favorite toy!

Posted By: Luke

Posted on: Feb 05, 2021

Love this thing. It's the second one I've bought after losing the first one. The feeling of the ribs and bumps as they slide down your urethra is amazing. I love to cum with it in, then pull it out as I'm cumming. I also love pulling it out and pushing it back in steadily as I fuck my cock with it. Truly amazing and worth it, the feeling when it sinks in all the way is indescribable.

Posted By: Chris

Posted on: Mar 11, 2020

I give it a 10! This is my favorite sound/plug by far. The sensations are incredible and I can't get enough of it. I love the weight and feel. Masturbating with this rod is amazing and makes me keep "cuming" back for more! Best piece in my collection.

Posted By: Rep

Posted on: Feb 04, 2020

As I am fairly new to sounding. I think my eyes were bigger than my urethra. Taking it out of the box, I quickly realized the size was much bigger than my current sounds. But what the hell, lubed it up and "popped" it in. The initial "pop" was a little breathtaking but, within a few seconds, it just slid and popped its way to the handle. AMAZING sensation by this sound. It made me want much more and the girlfriend soaking in her cotton panties. Thanks Dave.

Posted By: Archie

Posted on: Jan 06, 2020

I have used sounds before and enjoyed them greatly. I never realized the level of stimulation this rod would bring ith so little effort! Definitely. Add it to your toy box if you've ever wanted a new adventure..

Posted By: Scot

Posted on: Nov 11, 2019

Oh my, this was just the perfect size for me. Every Pleasure Known- indeed! Great finish, variety of ribbed features, and the cross rod at the end is fixed so it is a wonderful attachment point for an e-stim alligator clip. The length was perfect, buried it just short of the prostate. That is not bad, that's good, as in-and-out movement couldn't hurt me, but yikes, the feeling! This is the single best piece I ever bought here. If you've a mild pop at 10mm like me, heavens, get this.

Posted By: Kenneth

Posted on: Oct 09, 2019
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