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Flexible Bubble Urethral Sound

Price £25.00

Quick Overview

Experience the best in sounding play with our black silicone sound. Safe, adaptable, and offering a popping sensation as you go deeper, it's perfect for beginners. Available in 9 sizes, ranging from 6 to 20mm. Elevate your experience today! Enhance your pleasure with comfort and durability in every use.

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Product Description

Introducing a fantastic product made from safe black food-grade silicone for durability. Take your time with the insertion process; it may feel a bit delicate at first. But soon, you'll see how it molds to your shape, reaching areas that a metal sound might miss.

As you go deeper into the 28.5cm (11-1/4") length of this sound, enjoy a satisfying popping effect. Recommended for sounding beginners, it comes in nine different sizes from 6 to 20mm.

This product is for those who prefer subtle stimulation. Its impressive flexibility allows it to precisely fit your penis shape, possibly even better than its metal counterpart (check it out at the product link). Despite the potential challenge of insertion, you'll be rewarded with a sound that not only curves to fit your anatomy but also stands out for its amazing comfort during wear.


  • Materials: Food Grade Silicone
  • Common Uses: Urethral Sounding and Penis Play
  • Dimensions & Notes:
  • Diameter: Several Options Available
  • Length: 28.5cm (11-1/4")
  • Very Flexible

Explore the incredible comfort and tailored fit of this silicone sound, designed to provide a sweet sensation and make you feel like it's an integral part of your experience.

Customer reviews

Great sensations, deep play, flexibility - I haven't experienced such intense pleasure in a long time. This toy feels incredible as it stimulates the prostate. When my partner used it on me vigorously, I experienced an intense climax without direct stimulation.

Posted By: Abell

Posted on: Sep 03, 2023
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