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Flexible Bubble Urethral Sound

Price £25.00

Quick Overview

The Flexible Bubble Urethral Sound is made by request from several of our customers. It’s a truly personalized urethral toy made for deep exploration. It is very long, so it can reach all the hidden places. This is a urethral sound made for those who prefer intense toys.

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Product Description

The Flexible Bubble Urethral Soundis a special urethral toy made by request from our customers. You wanted a long, intense sound, so we made this elegant toy that will sure satisfy you. This sound is 26.5cm (10 ½ inches) long and available in multiple diameters so that you can choose the size you want. It is long enough to reach all the hidden places.

The sound also includes a 14mm ball made to provide additional stimulation and to make usage easier. The toy is made of medical grade BPA Free Food Grade Silicone so it’s completely body-friendly, durable and sturdy.

Customer reviews

Great sensations, deep play, flexibility - I haven't experienced such intense pleasure in a long time. This toy feels incredible as it stimulates the prostate. When my partner used it on me vigorously, I experienced an intense climax without direct stimulation.

Posted By: Abell

Posted on: Sep 03, 2023
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