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Gyrator Urethral Sound Set

Price £49.00

Quick Overview

Let the Gyrator Sound Set send you over the edge into an pleasurable oblivion that you will not want to come back from, it's a good thing these babies are built to stand the test of time!

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Product Description

Get ready to feel and enjoy the gyration with the Gyrator Sound Set and revel in the untold pleasures that await you! This exceptional set is made from 316L Surgical Steel, and is polished to perfection!

Each sound has a handle, a stem, and a round shaft on the end. The set contains 9 sounds ranging from 5mms to 13mms in outside diameter, the set goes up in size by 1mm increments. It is just over 280 mm (11 inches) in total length with an insertable length of approximately 228 mm (9 inches)

These beauties will let you experience more urethral pleasure than you ever thought possible and fulfill your needs time and time again!

Customer reviews

Impressively, it looks just like the picture. I received it today and immediately put it to use – what a stimulating experience! I've tried other similar products before, but the ribbed tip on this one adds a whole new level of sensation as it glides down the shaft. Unlike the others I've used in the past, it provides that extra, thrilling feeling.

Posted By: george

Posted on: Sep 03, 2023
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