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Heavy Duty Hegars For Big Boys


Price £52.00

Quick Overview

Heavy Duty Hegars for Big Boys are powerful sounds made for deep urethral stimulation. They are 8 inches long each and they can provide intense urethral stimulation. Choose between 18 different sizes that will sure satisfy you to the fullest!

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Product Description

Heavy Duty Hegars for Big Boys is an excellent collection of powerful urethral sounds made for all fans of deep stimulation. There are 9 sounds in the kit, but each one has ends of different sizes, so it’s like getting 18 pieces.
The sounds are 8 inches long and have a slight curve. They are all made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel so they are medical-grade, safe and durable.
The sizes of the sounds are: 12 - 12.5, 13 - 13.5, 14 - 14.5, 15 - 15.5, 16 - 16.5, 17 -17.5, 18 - 18.5, 19 - 19.5, 20 - 20.5.
These sounds are ideal for those who always crave for more. They will bring you deep erotic pleasure once you work your way up to them. Specially designed for all men who wish to try these big sounds and take as much as they can handle!

Customer reviews

If you want to increase the size of your pee hole these Heavy Duty sounds will do the old set of sounds went up one full size at a time, from 12mm to 13mm It was pretty tight.the H.D sounds go up in 1/2 sizes which allows you progress faster. Each sound has two sizes on them . l started with the 12mm side and just kept playing with it and forcing a little bit of the 12.5 in and out before I new it the whole sound was in my cock. I'm up to 13.5 as of this writing and going up.the cock looks great just hanging there with the 13.5 wedged in...what a turn on! Enjoy...

Posted By: Spanky

Posted on: Feb 11, 2019

I have been a secretleather customer for over 20yrs and I can always count of their jewelry and wmc ball weight quality. I was looking to advance my urethral stretching size above the 14mm mark and do so in small increments. These HD Hegars fit the bill, perfectly. Although they lack the weight of solid steel, the gradual 0.05mm advancement on each sound is just what I needed in order to do that. The weight makes them easy to handle and maneuver easily, without losing control. I was also confident that the polished stainless steel finish and gradual ridge transition would be perfect for my stretching needs. My old hegars had a full millimeter size advancement that was very pronounced from one transition to the next which made it difficult to advance easily. The HD's changed all of that for me. Thanks secretleather - You never surprise me!

Posted By: Jerry

Posted on: Dec 04, 2018
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