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Silicone Teardrop penis plug

Price £25.00

Quick Overview

It has Several Sizes teardrop for retention and then several sizes shaft for the rest of the way to a 5 mm flat disc to prevent it from being inserted too far. All hollow for fluids to flow through. Amazing for all-day wear. Take control of your own pleasure with the Silicone Teardrop Penis Plug and relish every intensely pleasurable second that it occupies your body bringing you closer to the orgasmic release you crave!

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Product Description

The Silicone New Teardrop Penis Plug will satisfy your hidden desires as it takes you on a secret joyride of erotic indulgences all day long!

Made from Silicone BPA Free Food Grade. it measures about 2 inches in length and Several Sizes with a 5mm flat disc on the end. This plug is the perfect size for wearing all day, and since it is hollow you don't have to remove it for bodily fluids to pass through.

Customer reviews

I am so excited I will be going up to 11mm from 10mm eventually i want to streach to 30mm to 35mm to create my pussy that my men friends can enjoy as well as myself . Sounding makes me feel very feminine . I would love to hear from others that feel like me.

Posted By: Ricki

Posted on: Jul 04, 2023
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