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Smooth Beginners Penis Plug

Price £32.00

Quick Overview

The Smooth Beginners Penis Plug is an amazing plug to start stretching with, and it will leave you feeling incredible! It's just the right size to get you started at 3 inches long and a range of 5mm to 8mm in width. Enjoy the erotic experiences this plug will bring you over and over for a lifetime!

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Product Description

The Smooth Beginners Penis Plug is perfect for when you are just starting to experiment with plugs! It's 3inches of insertable 316L surgical steel, that tapers from 5 mm to 8mm with a 12.7 (1/2 inch) handle on the end.

Perfect for the beginner who is wanting to stretch slowly, or a first timer with the enjoyment of plugs.

Customer reviews

I had no problem inserting this penis plug, and enjoyed wearing for about 1 hr. I replaced it with the cum thru penis plug. Although I’m just a beginner I look forward to stretching more.

Posted By: Nathan

Posted on: Sep 23, 2020

Yeow! Take your time! Getting over the hump is intense but then it's sweet... Except when you're ready to remove it, YIKES..ya better psych yourself up the first time or three. BUT, awesome! Crazy! Worth the experience. Not sure if I'd wear it to work. Yet! Enjoy!

Posted By: Tyler

Posted on: Feb 05, 2020
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