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The Pile Driver Penis Plug

Price £35.00

Quick Overview

Bring your inner desires to life with the Penis Tuner Penis Plug and reap the benefits of intensified orgasms and more pleasurable masturbation than you have ever experienced before!

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Product Description

The Pile Driver Penis Plug will have you on your knees begging for more, and more it will give you! This plug will last you a lifetime as it is finely crafted from 316L Surgical Steel. The hollow shaft allows your bodily fluids to pass through uninhibited, so no having to take it out every time you have to relieve yourself.

It measures 12.7cm (5 inches) in length and gradually tapers in a spiral design from 7mms to 12mms in diameter. And don't forget the awesome handle bars at the top of the plug that assist in insertion and removal, while also giving you the leverage to drive it deep inside you again and again while you relish the intense erotic sensations it brings!

Customer reviews

My pile driver arrived in today's mail. This is a beautiful penis plug. I can't wait to use it to stretch out my greedy piss slit. I have been actively stretching for the last couple of years and currently resting for a couple of days. This plug will keep my hungry slit happy for a long time to come. The quality of this plug is top notch. If I weren't taking a couple of days off from stretching, this baby would have been jammed right down my slit already!

Posted By: metalrodinmyrod

Posted on: Jul 02, 2019

I love the Pile Driver! It really fills out my cock. I like how my cockhead widens itself out around the Pile Driver as I slowly twist it in, I love seeing the Pile Driver's outline on the underside of my erection, and I love the intense stretching sensation my cock gets as it gets more swollen around the Pile Driver. I love how it makes my cock pleasantly ache for hours afterwards, as after any good urethral stretching. When I started using the Pile Driver, I was able to drive it in so that only 5 threads were showing, and now I am down to 3 threads. This plug absolutely requires patience. I average one day of an hour's worth of stretching, followed by another day of rest. Each day brings about 1/8 of a turn more, which is another wonderful thing about the Pile Driver - you can actually see progress being made! Concerns about patience aside, and especially after reading the other reviews about this Pile Driver with regard to landing it, I cannot wait for the day when I can finally land it, too! I can only imagine how it will feel when I slowly twist in the Pile Driver, and then have it suddenly slide itself in the rest of the way, as it finally makes it past the narrow part of my pisshole. I would hesitate to call it a penis plug, though. I think it's probably more accurate to consider it as an urethral sound. The tip of the Pile Driver has a point where the thread starts, that when the point is pressed against the urethra of a flaccid cock, could result in discomfort that some guys might not like. At 5 inches, it is also fairly long for a penis plug, and I know for me, that most of it could actually be positioned inside my body if I wore it during the day and my cock were flaccid. This is uncomfortable and could result in injury, since the Pile Driver is made out of stainless steel and not a flexible material like silicone. I also noticed that one of the handle bars partially blocks the through-hole. This makes it somewhat challenging to clean, as I use a pipe cleaner to clean out the through hole. I might end up running a drill bit in the through-hole to remove the obstruction.

Posted By: Jeffer

Posted on: May 25, 2018
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