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Silicone FlexibleDevil’s Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher


Price £22.00

Quick Overview

The Silicone Flexible Devil's Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher will make you so excited you might grow some horns yourself! This powerful 3 inch insertable urethral toy is made for intense stimulation and perfect experience. The toy is black made of high-quality Silicone BPA Free so it’s safe, durable and sturdy.

Product Description

Introducing the Silicone Flexible Devil's Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher, a thrilling toy designed to evoke excitement and possibly awaken your inner devil! This potent 3-inch insertable urethral stimulator promises an intense and perfect experience. Crafted in black, the high-quality Silicone is BPA-free, ensuring safety, durability, and sturdiness.

Featuring a twist from the bottom to the top of the insertable portion, this toy provides steamy stimulation during use. The devilish delight concludes with a ball massage, adding extra stimulation and pressure to your penis, although not a full glans ring. Regardless of the time of day or your behavior, this toy is guaranteed to make you feel incredibly "horny"!

Choose from the following pitchfork sizes:

  • Starts at 7 mm and twists up to 11 mm for your pleasure.
  • Starts at 8 mm and twists up to 12 mm for your pleasure.
  • Starts at 9 mm and twists up to 13 mm for your pleasure.

Customer reviews

I really appreciate the screw-in design of this plug. However, I have a suggestion for improvement. I wish the thickest part had more ribbing instead of threading because, during wear, it tends to back out on its own due to its weight. I initially purchased the 12mm size, and after gradually working up to it, I'm considering getting the largest size so I can eventually accommodate it fully. My only issue is that I wish it would stay securely in place without unscrewing itself.

Posted By: Ernest

Posted on: Sep 03, 2023
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