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The Sprinkler Penis Plug

Price £32.00

Quick Overview

The Sprinkler Penis Plug is a unique urethral toy that will sure make your partner take a second look. The dome on top works as a sprinkler, so you will have so much fun with it. This is a great penis plug made for all kinky games.

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Product Description

The Sprinkler Penis Plug is a specially designed toy with a working sprinkler head on top. It means you can use it to find new and creative ways to pee and cum.

Available in various diameters so that you get the perfect fit, with a 63.5 mm ( 2 1/2 inch ) length. Also available in Extra Long 10mms with a almost 152 mm ( 6 inch ) length.

This penis plug is sturdy, elegant and made of medical grade Surgical Steel, so it’s completely body-friendly. The plug has a 19 mm ( 3/4" ) dome on top made into a great sprinkler for all your needs.

Customer reviews

Very good quality and keeps what it promises. Also, the service was perfect. Top

Posted By: George

Posted on: Jan 14, 2024

I just got the 11mm in the mail today an I’ve been using 10mm cum thru with no problems but I guess the one mm makes a difference cause the 11mm hurt to insert but I got it in with a little pain an bleeding but live the feeling of popping it in, love the weight of the shower head an fun to cum an peeper if it

Posted By: Bill

Posted on: Feb 16, 2023

A really great piece of kinky-wear! The visual stimulation of pee or cum spurting out in 6 separate jets is truly amazing! My advice is to save up for a really big event and make it last! Since getting this insert, I seldom pee without it! The one piece of advice that I would offer prospective purchasers is to get the largest size that your urethra can take. I'm a fairly tight 12 mm, so I bought the 12 mm Sprinkler. It goes in considerably more easily than my straight 12 mm inserts - in fact, I could probably use a 13 mm. The 12 mm Sprinkler is very secure for "wearing around", but can pop out when passing fluids if the pressure is sufficient. Anything smaller would definitely pop straight out. So go tight!! In case anyone's wondering, the "spread" of the 6 jets is considerable. A stand-up pee into a toilet can get messy, and a sit-down obstructs the view! A urinal is just fine, but at home I usually pee into the bathtub to make sure that everything goes down the drain while enjoying the best view - the tub drain leads to the same place, after all! Just have a little rinse-water handy.............

Posted By: duke

Posted on: Jul 03, 2022

L love the sprinkler head. I put in, with in a hour of receiving in the mail. I have had it in 24/7 for the last 10 days. It is such a joy to watch my urine come out in six streams. It feels so good, that some dome I have to check to be sure it is still in. Secretleather keep up the good work.

Posted By: Nathan

Posted on: Sep 02, 2020

I received my 12mm sprinkler about two weeks ago. It goes in fairly easy and stays put. I've been stretching for months without any serious issues, other than a little pain, which is to be expected. I really love this piece! I can wear it all day but have some other great secretleather plugs, sounds, and cock screws that I alternate. Great service from secretleather too.

Posted By: Stretch

Posted on: Aug 22, 2018

I just got mine today and it’s surprisingly comfortable. I got the 10 mm and it fit perfectly. This is not my first plug but my favorite now. I like the big head which make it hang down even more than normal. Very good quality and shipment was fast, I ordered it on Wednesday and received it mid-day Friday. Thanks!

Posted By: Ran127

Posted on: Aug 06, 2018

I got the 10mm and it feels great but will fall out if you are bouncing around too much.. Very easy in and out.

Posted By: Bill

Posted on: Jul 11, 2018

Gonna have to stretch a little more before it'll go in but def looking forward to that day. Now will have to order another for my partner!

Posted By: Gin

Posted on: Jun 05, 2018

Was glad I could order the 9mm as so many plugs are much bigger. No issues with its design and it worked as expected.

Posted By: Richard

Posted on: Oct 19, 2017
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