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Ball flask crusher

Price £72.00

Quick Overview

How much pain can you handle? The Ball Flask Crusher will push your limits and then some with Cock and Ball Torture that will leave you gasping for breathe in pain or pleasure or both, you decide!

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Product Description

This super high quality stainless steel combination (weighing approx 1.5kg) allow you to both strech and crush you balls with one product. This super effective combination comes in two main parts, a ball crusher cylinder and a 36mm ball stretcher. The first is a polished ball stretcher that splits into 2 pieces for an easy fit. The second is a ball crusher cylinder that easily attaches to the ball stretcher. The pressure can be adjusted allowing you to feel as little or as much pressure as you want. Both parts can be used separately or together. This ball crushing and stretching combination is simple yet highly effective. Perfect for those who want to take CBT to the next level.

Product Specifications :
Crusher and Stretcher                Material Stainless Steel
Crusher and Stretcher Colour    Silver
Crusher Weight                          1050 Grams
Crusher Size                              Cylinder 3" High by 3" Wide (Including Handle iits 5.5" High)
Stretcher Size                            Inner Diameter 36mm, Outer Diameter 72mm, Height 17mm.
Combine Features                     1.5Kg Total weight, Stretcher Splits for Easy Attachment, Stretcher Detaches from Crusher for Flexibility

Customer reviews

Good overall but it pressed everything right out. Wish it would have kept everything inside until I got it completely screwed down and crushed everything into mush.

Posted By: John

Posted on: Dec 02, 2022
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