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Kalis Teeth Bracelet- KTB

Price £59.00

Quick Overview

The Kali’s Teeth Bracelet forces you to avoid all sexual thoughts in order to prevent a painful erection

Product Description

The Kali’s Teeth Bracelet forces you to avoid all sexual thoughts in order to prevent a painful erection
Think of it as an erection punishment device. Once you’re locked in, you will want to refrain from becoming aroused at all costs. Talk about forced chastity! If you even get a tiny tingle in your member, the KSB’s internal spikes will make short work of nipping it in the bud. Once those painful spikes sink into your penis the only solution is to get your penis limp as soon as possible. The longer you have an erection, the longer those spikes punish you.
Both sizes come with two rows of teeth; The 1.5 inch diameter bracelet has a distance/diameter of 2.5cm (.98 inch) from spike to opposite side spike and the 1.75 inch diameter bracelet has a distance/diameter of 3.4cm (1.35 inches) from spike to opposite side spike.
Wearing a Kali’s Teeth Bracelet really trains you to fear and hate your erections. The hinged design makes putting it on a snap. To ensure the KTB stays locked try locking the KTB to a ring placed behind your balls.

Customer reviews

For months I've worn a chastity device while my wife's at work of an evening & recently made mistake of saying I quite enjoyed it. She quickly found this beast & she loves it ! She can see I'm scared of it - the first time I wimped out & asked her to leave the key as I was wearing it for the first time & for over 5 hours. Really needs anchoring even though the smaller size. Achieved this by locking to a belt. Mostly comfortable but even then leaves marks. Slightest sign of arousal it bites & if you can't stop yourself it gets worse. I hate it & now avoid all thoughts of sex while Mrs at work. A warning ! I've given it 5/5 because it's very effective but I'm lucky as while wearing it I can avoid anything to arouse me - at mercy of a teasing keyholder this could be tortuous.

Posted By: Mac Au

Posted on: Dec 04, 2018

I bought this device for my boy who is currently in chastity for me. This device is ideal for training him not to get hard when he is not wearing his chastity device - very effective judging by the noise he makes!

Posted By: Niks

Posted on: Nov 29, 2018

I bought the KTB for my own personal use and I love and respect it. The hinge design makes is simple to put on, is all day comfortable and not noticeable under regular clothing but get an erection and boy does it bite! I've yet to wear it at work but at the weekend I wore it 24x7 My prick is 14cm circumference at the base when erect and I bought the smaller of the two sizes. If I'm feeling mean I'll tickle myself to erection and suffer the exquisite agony that it induces. I'm soon holding my breath in almost total paralysis begging my cock to go flaccid. Would definitely recommend the KTB.

Posted By: V Steve

Posted on: Oct 08, 2018

I bought the smaller version, not for his prick but as a ball stretcher. Attach a lead and he'll follow you anywhere!

Posted By: John mist

Posted on: Sep 12, 2018
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