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Evil Shells Ball Stretcher and Ball Crusher

Price £99.00

Quick Overview

A necessary evil in your sadistic CBT scene, this brutal ball stretcher and ball crusher combo ensures that tortured testicles are well and truly screwed!

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Product Description

A necessary evil in your sadistic CBT scene, this brutal ball stretcher, and ball crusher combo ensures that tortured testicles are well and truly screwed!

Add the unrelenting Secretleather Evil Shells CBT device to your scene and it will be the final turn of the screw! Indeed, it certainly takes balls to play with this bad boy. Separating the nuts to torture each testicle individually and give each one the perverted punishment it deserves, the Evil Shells CBT Ball Stretcher and Ball Crusher has been intricately designed for deviance. Each shell has 13 individual screws that are easily adjusted with the included Allen key, while the ergonomic design ensures that it is easy to put on and is held in place using thumbscrews. Simply put the balls between the two halves of each nut shell, lock them inside and they’ll be completely vulnerable and at your mercy. This spiked CBT device even comes with 2 padlocks included for added security, so there’s no escaping fate!

Boasting a unique design that facilitates the addition of weights between the two shells, this really is cock and ball torture at its best. The open-sided feature even allows you to watch as balls get their just deserts, but it also allows air circulation for optimum hygiene. The Secretleather Evil Shells CBT Ball Stretcher and Ball Crusher is constructed from fine quality, medical-grade stainless steel, so it’s body-safe, durable, and has a naturally weighty feel. In addition, the screws can be completely removed from this versatile CBT device for less extreme play.

Take the pain vs. pleasure association up a notch and discover an all-new level of explosive gratification with this Evil Shells CBT device!

Customer reviews

Great quality heavy fun product. I can say that I have a large collection of toys and this one is one of my favorite ones. I love the weight of them and the adjustability of the nut crushing. Then if that's not enough there is always the threaded pointed spikes that can be embeded deeper and deeper into your nuts one at a time until you scream Uncle!!..(can't take any more) If you like a build-up of intense pain and pleasure then this is it, you'll love it too! Yes it is a bit expensive but the challenge is worth it. You probably wouldn't be able to handle it anyway... I could say much more about it..but if you have the balls to buy it you'll figure it out for yourself. Peace, Love and freedom to all the world!!

Posted By: Robbert

Posted on: Aug 10, 2022

Great buy and excellent quality, certainly crushed my balls with the spikes.

Posted By: mike

Posted on: Feb 17, 2022

Just got the Evil Shells! Not only do they look cool while wearing them, the pressure is confining and becomes intense... Then turn the screws!?!? Cool stuff!

Posted By: Sam

Posted on: Dec 11, 2018
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