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Kelis Teeth

Price £38.99

Quick Overview

Pain is Pleasure and the Kelis Teeth will prove it to you again and again as you expand your erotic games and let your imagination run wild with no limits!

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Product Description

Ready for some CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)? Get Kelis Teeth Spiked Ball Weight and let the pleasure, or pain begin! This Oval shaped weight is made from 316LVM Surgical Steel and measures in at 25mms (Height) x 26mms (Short Inside Diameter) x 52mms (Long Inside Diameter).

This weight also boast 4 fully adjustable spiked screws (2 on each side), and a ring on the top of the weight that can serve multiple purposes as you let your imagination run wild. It comes with 2 Allen Wrenches one for adjusting the screws, and one for opening the weight. Let the pain/pleasure flow during your sexual adventures with this beauty!

Customer reviews

When this stretcher arrived Master immediately had it installed to my ball with those 12 Screw Ball rings already pierced & in placed to my ball & when Master tighten those spikes it give real pain & drag my ball fully low & Master made me wear it for 4 days & nights & upon walking with those spikes piercing my balls give me real painful punishment for all those 4 days.

Posted By: Frank

Posted on: May 31, 2023

The delivery arrived today and I put the Kelis Teeth on (without the side screws). It fits great, and feels very comfortable. Looking forward to having a leash attached to it.

Posted By: Dave

Posted on: Oct 22, 2022

This is my favorite new toy! This is quality made stainless steel and has some nice weight to it. Perfect for some CBT torture! It can be a little tricky at first putting it on as it can pinch in places, but once you get the hang of it...(no pun intended) it goes on around your testicles quite easily. I absolutely love the weight of this hanging on my balls! Add to it, the four teeth screwed in nice and securely is an awesome feeling! Once it’s locked on, it is not coming off without the Allen tool. Since I am submissive to my Mistress Wife and am in a chastity device at all times, this compliments my chastity device quite nicely! I especially like it when my Mistress attaches my leash to the lead ring and directs me around the house by my balls explaining to me what all needs to be cleaned in each room of our home. Only when all of my chores have been completed to my Mistress’ satisfaction, she might decide to release me from the device. A great value, you will not be disappointed!!!

Posted By: James

Posted on: May 10, 2021

I love the way it feels as it gives you room and yet allows someone to lead you around by a chain if they want to

Posted By: Chris

Posted on: Jan 06, 2021
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