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Ball Stretching Methods

There are four basic methods on how to stretch the scrotum and testicles. They are: manual stretching alone, stretching using readily available items, stretching using leather ball stretchers of various lengths used alone or in combinations, and stretching using stainless steel ball weights of various weights used alone or in combinations.

A combination of methods can also be used with a weighted stretch. This uses the length stretching stimulus provided by a leather stretcher with weights worn below the stretcher and above the testicles. Secretleather's exciting new (spring 2011) "Ball Forcer" stretching system uses both weights and length stretching in stimulating the growth of the scrotal sack. The Ball Forcer is a combination of two 15mm WMCs and stainless steel rods of different lengths which are used to hold the two weights at various distances apart. Men new to stretching who use the Ball Forcer system will start by wearing one of the 15mm WMCs as a ball weight. After 8-12 weeks, the 2nd WMC can be added to the hang for a total of 30mm in height. After another 8-12 weeks the user can begin experimenting with using the rods to hold the weights at a preset distance. As time progresses, the user can experiment with longer and longer rods to stretch the sack lengthwise at longer and longer distances. At this point, the user is using the combination of length stretching as well as the weight provided by the WMC weights. Standard weights and leather stretchers can also be used in combination. This picture is a hang at 6 ½ inches showing all four methods at work: implicit stretching, one inch of ponytailers, 4 inch leather stretcher and 1 ½ inches of stainless steel weights.

Various topical ointments can also be used which improve the skin elasticity of the scrotum, moisturize the skin and help significantly in shortening the amount of time it would take to achieve the same results without. Please be sure to read the section "Lotions that promote the stretching of the scrotum" carefully.