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Buyer’s Guide to Sperm Stoppers

There are many different types of urethral toys you can enjoy. The most popular ones are urethral sounds and penis plugs. However, there are many different types of urethral toys you can enjoy. For example, urethral stretchers and trainers are great for beginners who wish to enlarge their urethra in order to try bigger urethral toys.

Another type of specialized urethral toys are the so-called sperm stoppers. These small yet handy toys are great for those who enjoy the feeling of cum stopping, since these are designed to prevent the semen from being ejaculated from the body.

The Design of Sperm Stoppers

There are many great cum stoppers you can try. Here are some of our recommended products:
Sperm stoppers are often considered specialized penis plugs, while others see them as a separate type of urethral toys. They are very characteristic. A classic sperm stopper consists of a smooth ball connected to a thin rod. The rod itself connects to a glans ring. The design is simple, yet effective: the ball and the rod are inserted into the urethra and the glans ring is positioned around the penis head. Typically, not the whole rod will go inside the penis – some of it will stay outside. It depends on the person to insert the ball of a sperm stopper as deep or shallow as he wants.

When a sperm stopper is in place, it serves one basic, yet effective goal: it prevents the semen from being ejaculated from the body. Many people like the feeling of prevented ejaculation or even retrograde ejaculation. There are many solid penis plugs that can achieve this purpose, but sperm stoppers are specially designed just for cum stopping.

One word of warning: before you try to use sperm stoppers, make sure to consult your doctor to make sure that it is safe for you to use those toys or to have prevented ejaculation. Urethral stimulation is a sexual activity that carries certain risks so you need to make sure you are allowed to do this. It is particularly important to make sure it is safe for you to practice prevented ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation. Remember, it is vital to stay safe during all types of urethral stimulation. This is why it is advisable to consult a kink-friendly doctor who will help you stay safe during urethral play.

Sperm stoppers are small and short urethral toys, which makes them comfortable and easy to use. Don’t be fooled by their small design, though: they can be very intense! They can give very powerful feelings so it’s not surprising that there are so many experienced users who enjoy them. Sperm stoppers are not like other small urethral toys: they can produce many targeted sensations that are not easily achieved with any other type of urethral toy. As such, they are not ideal for everyone, so try it to make sure if this is something you enjoy. Since sperm stoppers are not large toys chances are that you will be able to experiment with these toys to see how you like them best and if this type of urethral play is the best for you.

Who Can Wear a Sperm Stopper?

A great thing about sperm stoppers is that they can be worn by almost all men, regardless of their age, experience level or circumcision status. Since cum stoppers are generally very small they don’t go deep into the urethra. It means that even beginners can use them without much trouble. In fact, sperm stoppers are probably the smallest urethral toys, if you count the length. They don’t reach very deep inside your penis, so they tend to be comfortable to use. The only potentially tricky thing is the ball on top – it may take a bit to insert, especially by inexperienced users. However, it typically doesn’t take long, so sperm stoppers are actually easier to insert than many other urethral toy types. The ball is connected to a short rod that is typically thin so it’s not difficult for beginners to insert it. These are some of the reasons why sperm stoppers are good for beginners. Keep in mind, however, that you should be able to wear and enjoy glans rings, since cum stoppers are connected to one or more of those rings.

When it comes to a man’s circumcision status, some people think that only circumcised men can wear cum stoppers. However, this is not true. Both circumcised and uncircumcised men can wear sperm stoppers (and other types of urethral toys, for that matter). The only thing to think about is the glans ring. You will probably need to pull your foreskin in order to position the glans ring correctly, but that’s all. Cum stoppers can be used regardless of the man’s circumcision status.

What about age? Some urethral toys are known to put more pressure to the urethra than the others, which may not be recommended for older men. Since sperm stoppers are small and comfortable, this should not be an issue. As such, they can be worn by men regardless of their age.

However, there is one important safety guideline to think about. Sperm stoppers are designed to prevent semen from being ejaculated. As such, they often cause retrograde ejaculation or leakage. While retrograde ejaculation is typically not unsafe, it should not be performed way too often. Also, if you wish to use a sperm stopper to cause retrograde ejaculation you need to consult your doctor first. It is crucial to make sure that you are allowed to practice this and try cum stopping. It is best to find a kink-friendly doctor to discuss these matters and make sure it is safe for you to use sperm stoppers.

Also, in case you feel pain, prolonged discomfort, bleeding, swelling or any other problem while using a sperm stopper it is important to seek medical help immediately. Remember, sperm stoppers may be small and non-intimidating but they are still urethral toys, and all urethral toys bring a certain risk. This is why you need to be careful and follow all the safety guidelines in order to have a safe and enjoyable time while using your sperm stopper.