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Chisholm Penis Wand

Price £34.00

Quick Overview

Let the Chisholm Penis Wand bring your erotic fantasies to life and exceed all your expectations by bringing you into a whole new world of truly mind blowing erotic pleasures!

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Product Description

Let the Chisholm Penis Wand take you on the erotic journey of your life filled with one orgasm after another! This unique beauty is made of Medical Grade Stainless Steel and has a ( 140 mm ) 5 1/2 inch long hollow shaft with a slight curve that starts off at approximately 7mms in diameter and gradually increases to 10mms in diameter at it's largest point. It is hollow to allow the natural passage of bodily fluids, but it also has a removable 18mm Threaded Ball Shaped Cap with an O Ring for when you want to stop the flow of bodily fluids. This baby is curved just enough to hit your most sensitive spots and send you catapulting into orgasmic bliss time and time again!

Customer reviews

Looks great. Arrived yesterday and can't wait to start working it in. It's a little bit too big. With plenty of patience, it'll be in place in no time and being worn 24/7.

Posted By: Den

Posted on: Feb 24, 2022
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