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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

History and background of Ball Stretching

There seems to be little or no information available about when or where ball stretching started. It is said that men in the orient have been indulging in this practice for many many years, and it is alleged to have been undertaken to improve sexual health and general wellbeing. Some modern day men who practice it, maintain that scrotal stretching improves libido, sexual health, and even sperm condition. There is, however, little evidence to back up any of these claims. Many men enjoy the feeling of their scrotal sac hanging low and the sensation of it slapping against their thighs, and it also engenders feelings of relaxation. The scrotum is never hanging down when the man is stressed and this probably relates back to pre historic times when a man in flight from an enemy or predator would not have been well served by a low hanging, wildly flopping scrotum! There can be little doubt that ball stretching as an activity increased very substantially with the onset of the internet era. Men were introduced to the possibility of it by this more impersonal media, and had the ability to exchange information, ask questions, look at pictures, source equipment, all anonymously, and with no risk of embarrassment. In most cases, it is likely that the discovery on the internet of active ball stretching merely stimulated an existent but previously latent desire, and opened up the opportunity to experiment. This was certainly the case with the author. conducted a survey over a 5 year period, inviting men to answer a series of questions on their ball stretching activity - Hundreds replied. One recurring feature was the evident enjoyment taken by the respondents in sharing their ball stretching experiences. The respondents had no marked sexual persuasion, and were almost equally balanced between 'straight' and gay men. Nor were there many geographical boundaries. The replies showed that there are ball stretchers all over the world. About half of the replies came from stretchers in America and a quarter from the UK. But stretching has fans in Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Japan, and in almost every other country in Europe. Age is also no barrier: The youngest stretcher is in his teens, the oldest well into his sixties. Most stretchers are in their thirties or forties and are in well established jobs and relationships. Nearly half are self-employed or in skilled or executive employment, but all occupations (including the unemployed and retired) are well represented. Well over half declare a religious background, mostly in Christianity, but there is a handful of other denominations. Over 70% are in a stable relationship. Of these, some 55% are heterosexual, over 25% homosexual, and about 20% bi-sexual. Almost all those who replied to our questionnaire were active stretchers. Some 40% say that they drifted into stretching, but nearly as many saw information about it on the internet and wanted to try it themselves. Only a small number were introduced to it by others. Almost three quarters of our survey have a satisfying (45%) or very satisfying (30%) sex life. Of those who state the gender of their partner, over 70% have female partners, and this includes almost all our bisexual respondents. Noticeably, not too many partners are actively involved in stretching activity, indicating the potential for sexual frustration or dissatisfaction. However, this did not stop most stretchers feeling good about their activity, although about 15% worry about the potential for health risks. Some 10% worried that stretching had become a bit of an obsession. Nearly a quarter of respondents had only been stretching for a few months, but a further quarter have been stretching for 5 years of more, and one for nearly 50 years! For most, stretching is a source of sexual pleasure which may be a little bit kinky (as over 50% reported), or simply another form of sexual expression. Whatever the perception, most think it's a great activity, although this would be expected from an audience who chose to complete the questionnaire! For some ball stretching is enhanced when they play with themselves, or when, in a smaller number of cases, their partner plays with them or takes the stretched balls in their mouth. Finally, for about 10%, stretching is part of a deeper interest in pain, punishment, humiliation, and even castration. Most stretchers use "hardware" as part of their stretching activities. At 20% each, the four most popular methods reported are: rope/cord, metal rings, metal split collars, and leather or similar straps and hooks. A small number, among newcomers and among our oldest respondents, only use their hands. But a third of newcomers use rope, and another third use metal rings. For those who have been stretching for five years or more, cord, split collars and hooks and straps are the most popular. Over 80% say that they wear heavy stretchers or hang weights from their stretched balls. About 40% declare up to 5 lbs; about half say they manage up to 20 lbs or so; and a few declare over 25 lbs. Even allowing for a bit of exaggeration, it is clear that carrying weights, particularly heavy weights, from one's balls is a major turn-on for many. This ties in with the finding above that some 80% of stretchers do so wholly or mainly for the physical sensation. About a third of our replies suggest that cost and/or availability can be a problem. Some respondents had specialised needs: larger or smaller diameter stretchers; extra long stretchers, particularly over 3"; weighted split rings; metal rings with screw fittings; ball crushers etc. Others wanted more comfortable designs, particularly for regular daily use. And one or two enthusiasts had solved any problems by making their own custom built stretchers. Only 20% of our respondents said that they enjoyed stretching using vacuum pumping. But interestingly, nearly 40% said that they would like to try pumping - the same % as positively disliked the idea! The overwhelming majority (85%) of stretchers have not been stretched against their will, but 10% are regularly forced into stretchers and "enjoy the risk" and like to "increase the pain threshold". Most stretchers (50%) keep their stretchers on for hours at a time. A further 15% keep them on for days at a time, and another 15% declare longer periods. But for 20%, stretching is simply part of a specific sex session. Over 70% of stretchers say that they keep their cock and balls shaved. [This is, we suspect, much higher than the male population at large.] This % contrasts with the small number (only 20%) who stretch mainly for the visual effect. But it fits well with the figures of stretchers who enjoy viewing, taking or display pictures of their own or other stretched ball sacs. All this stretching seems to work. Two thirds of our replies show marginally (35%) or noticeably (30%) lower stretching balls. Unfortunately, a third really don't see any difference. However, a lucky 15% find that, not only do their balls permanently hang lower, but also that they no longer retract! Although only about 15% of our respondents worry about the health risks of stretching, a larger % do have some medical concerns. However, only a handful report specific problems arising from stretching - broken skin, groin strain, ball ache. Only one stretcher said that he actually wanted to damage his balls.[We are not aware of any research into the medical risks of ball stretching, but our advice remains to be very careful if you do ball stretch. Pain is an integral part of stretching for over half our survey. Most stretchers actively enjoy some pain and almost all the others, even if they don't enjoy it, put up with it for the greater pleasures from stretching. Indeed, stretching is part of a "torture" scene for about 40%, and a further 10% would like it to be. Nearly three quarters of our respondents say that stretching makes them want to masturbate more. And about 60% take off their stretchers once they've come. By and large, partners are not involved in stretching activity: only 10% are involved. However, where they know about it (whether or not they are actively involved), about 40% of partners are turned on by, or enjoy what we're doing. But the same sort of percentage does not like our activity or is totally uninterested. Among the gay and bisexual respondents, there is a bit more joint involvement. On the other hand, 30% of all stretchers have told friends what they do, again with higher %s in the gay and bisexual communities. Nearly 60% would like to exchange information about stretching with others on the net; and 30% say they already do so. So it is hardly surprising to discover that over 90% of stretchers are turned on by pictures of other stretchers. Almost 20% of stretchers keep a photographic record and a further 35% would like to.