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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Why do men stretch their balls?

Excellent question..........

What's the answer? Secretleather conducted an online ball stretching survey over a period of several years. The results and evidence are, of course, purely anecdotal and dependent on the honesty of the respondents, but since anonimity was assured if requested, there seems little reason to doubt that the majority of answers were sincere. The reasons are not too many and are not surprising. Most stretch because of the enjoyment of the physical sensation that the practice provides. Of course it has to be experienced first to know this, so the first stage is usually a visual stimulation. Guys see other guys doing it on the internet (mostly); they are turned on by the idea and the images and want to try it out. Many have been stretching for a number of years, and can trace back memories of sexual stimulation from shortly after their testicles first descended. The sensation of the scrotum slapping against the thighs on a warm day is repeatedly quoted as a memorable and pleasurable feeling. The desire is often to accentuate this experience, and most perceive (correctly) that ball stretching will help them in this. Some men come to ball stretching after being introduced to it by a third party in a BDSM situation and find that they enjoy it and want more. Others are interested in pain as a sexual pursuit and seek the masochistic element of pain applied to the testicles which often takes the form of stretching the scrotum (although other forms of induced pain are many and varied) For some it is purely visual. The sensations and activities are secondary to wanting the look of 'low hangers'. They feel more sexually attractive with a long scrotum, particularly if they are lucky enough to have a penis to match. Some start out stimulated merely by the look of accessories on the ballsac, like leather straps or steel rings, and then discover that they enjoy the sensations which become addictive (addiction to ball stretching is a term frequently used by stretchers and suggests that the practice is producing some kind of stimulant that makes them want not to stop, despite inconvenience and discomfort at times). A few men have testicles that sit up very high and they complain of a tight feeling that causes them discomfort and they seek to extend the hang of their scrotum by the application of stretching techniques. Although the numbers complaining of this are few, the ones that have come to ball stretching for this reason seem to get results that improve their situation. That's about it. Of course there are those who are extremely puzzled by the practice. They say they don't like the look it produces and cannot understand the attraction. Ball stretching is not for every man, but for those who find that it appeals, it is an enjoyable and fullfilling experience. Some are afraid to try it for reasons of health. I would not try to dissuade them, it may be a legitimate concern, though I have no record of anybody reporting problems as a result of ball stretching. Some feel that it is a bit kinky - they're right, it is kinky, and we rejoice in that! Some want to get involved in ball stretching but are afraid of the strictures of partners. This is very regrettable, though mostly confined to heteros who feel their female partners would disapprove. Some are forced to conduct their ball stretching in secret, which is sad and disappointing for the stretcher. Ball stretching is now very widely practised, due mostly to the easy access of advice, illustrations and discussion on the internet. More openness is to be strongly encouraged, so that those who want to try are not embarrassed into suppressing their interest or desire. Interestingly, although many heteros perceive it as a predominantly 'gay' activity, (which it is not, stretchers are almost exactly evenly balanced between 'straights' and 'gays') they do not feel any less aroused by the idea or images, and when asked to explain this, they say that they fantasise themself into the situation and are turned on by the idea of the practice. If the idea appeals and you haven't tried it - come on in - the water's lovely!