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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Ball Stretching general

Q: "Why would you want to stretch your balls?"

A: Men love the sensation of their balls hanging down. This function of the testicles is designed to keep sperm at its peak by maintaining the testicles at a lower temperature than the rest of the body, so muscles in the groin relax the ball sack to allow the testicles to hang down, and thus cool off when the body is hot. It feels good and many men want to enhance and extend the sensation. Most men also find low hanging balls better looking, and sexier. You might want to read Jarod Johansen's now famous 'The Art of Ball Stretching'

Q: "Is it safe to go outside in public wearing ball stretchers?"

A: There is always a risk that heavy weights will slip off your balls, and cause not only discomfort, but also some embarrassment!. There can also be discomfort when the balls contract, causing skin pinching where the scrotum is constricted into whatever device you are wearing. This said however, ball stretching is sufficiently addictive for this to be accepted by most ball stretchers, and part of the price to be paid. (return to top of page)

Ball stretching health

Q: "Is ball stretching dangerous?"

A: We regard any interference with the normal fuctions of the body, as risky, and we do not recommend it to anybody. It is a fact that many men feel a strong desire to create sexual stimulus by wearing or using attachments to their balls. The more extreme the indulgence, the greater the risk. Many men stretch their balls (including the writer of this), and we are not aware of problems connected with this activity, but caution is urged.

Q: "Does ball stretching make you sterile?"

A: We don't know, and we can find no research into this.

Q: "How long should I wear ball stretchers?"

A: You should stop immediately if you start to experience discomfort or pain. Your maxim should always be - better safe than sorry! Otherwise there is no limit 24/7/365 is the fastest way to get low hanging balls.

Q: "Should I take medical advice before ball stretching?"

A: We would always strongly encourage you to take expert medical advice before indulging in ball stretching or any activity that might be described as BM (body modification) - even if your intention is only to experience session stimulation rather than any lasting change.

Q: "I experience pain when I put on a split collar - what should I do?"

A: Stop immediately! and seek expert advice before proceeding further.

Q: "Can I learn from other's experiences?"

A: We recommend that you visit the secretleather discussion forum where you can read the views, opinions and experiences of members of the public, and the ball stretching community.

Q: "Is ball stretching a permanent effect?"

A: Whilst a sustained programme of stretching your balls will give you a longer scrotum and lower hanging balls when you are warm and relaxed, our experience suggests that your testicles will always retain the ability to retract when cold and when ball stretching activity is stopped.

Ball stretching techniques

Q: "How do I know what size split collar to buy?"

A: This is difficult to answer, as we don't know of any reliable method of measuring the diameter necessary to wear a collar or ring with maximum comfort, with minimum risk of it slipping off. The only way we know is to try it and see. The idea is to get the largest diameter you can without it slipping off. We recommend that you read the section on measuring for a steel weight in the excellent article by Jarod Johansen on the 'Art of Ball Stretching'

Q: "How do you get ball weights on?"

A: Check out our online pictorial

Q: "How long does it take to stretch your balls?"

A: It depends on what your objective is. If you just want to have fun and enjoy the sensation of longer dangling balls, then a few weeks of frequent ball stretching sessions will show results when it is hot and your balls want to hang down - like after a hot bath for instance. If your desire is for permanent change, then you need to work at at it harder, and some report 6 months of constant stretch being needed. Be careful, and be patient - never try to rush this, gently and slowly is best.

Q: "How do you put on a cock ring?"

A: Pass one testicle through the ring first, then the other one. Having got both testicles through, then you can squeeze the penis under the ring - however, on your first time, you'll almost certainly have an erection, so you must onbiously wait until it has subsided before you can proceed!

Q: "How do you put on the "Bull's Balls"?

A: We have found the most successful way is to wear a small split collar first and then to push the sac into the "Bull's Balls" and fasten it above the split collar. It helps to get the balls in, and it helps to keep 'em there!

Q: "My collar was OK when I bought it but now it tends to slips off - why?"

A: When you stretch the scrotum you are stretching, amongst other things, the skin of the scrotum and this has the effect of reducing the diameter of the scrotum. Thus a previously well fitting ring can slip off after some time of regular use. The change is very small, but it can often be enough to make the collar slip off. Be aware of this if you are in the habit of wearing collars in public, as most stretchers are.


Q: "What is 'cbt'?"

A: This is an abbreviation for Cock & Ball Torture, although, since we are not into pain, we prefer to use the term as an abbreviation for Cock & Ball Toys.

Q: "I really want to get into bondage but my partner doesn't, what can I do?"

A: This is an abbreviation for Cock & Ball Torture, although, since we are not into pain, we prefer to use the term as an abbreviation for Cock & Ball Toys.

Q: "Is a desire to get into bondage abnormal"

A: Many people are bored with conventional sex (vanilla sex) and seek new or different stimuli in their sex activities. Bondage is merely a form of sex play, and provided it is carried out with mutually consenting adults, there is nothing wrong or abnormal about it.

Q: "I love the idea of being tied up, and having acts of sex performed on me whilst tied up, but I'm not into pain, does this mean I should avoid the bdsm scene?"

A: bdsm is a sort of catch all term. The bottom line in sexual fulfilment, is that you do what turns you on, and consort, where possible and practicable, with like minded consenting people. There's no right and no wrong.

Q: "Where can I get more information on the bdsm scene?"

A: We recommend you try Informed consent.


Q: "Can I return something if I don't like it ?"

A: Because of the intimate nature of our products and the hygiene and health considerations, we cannot accept return of items. This is for everybody's protection. You can be confident that any product you buy from us is new and never before used by somebody else.

Q: "I'd like to order but I'm worried about your discretion and my privacy - what's your policy?"

A: All items are sent out in plain packaging. We never sell names or lists to third parties. Your credit card will show a charge from Nutswood Ltd not secretleather.

Q: "I'm worried about credit card security - Is it safe to enter my credit card details on your site?"

A: Our site uses ssl (secure socket technology) to ensure your card details are secure - look for the padlock symbol at the foot of the page when you enter your credit card details. Also, we never see your card details, they only go to our bank for authorisation.


Q: "Do you have a page where I can post my pics ?"

A: You can always email us with pics of yourself and we will consider them for posting on our gallery pages. Send pics to [email protected]

Q: "I notice almost all of your models have shaved genitals, why is this ?"

A: They like the act of shaving their genital area mostly, but it's also sexier and more comfortable when wearing genital equipment like ball stretchers for example.

Q: "If you start shaving your balls, how often do you have to keep doing it?"

A: As little or as much as you like. I shave about every 4 -5 days, some guys shave 3 - 4 times a week. I find that I can get at least 4 shaves from one blade. I shave in the bath using gel, and apply lots of moisturiser afterwards, mostly because I like the sensation.