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Penis Tuner Penis Plug

Price £33.00

Quick Overview

Bring your inner desires to life with the Penis Tuner Penis Plug and reap the benefits of intensified orgasms and more pleasurable masturbation than you have ever experienced before!

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Product Description

Tune up your tool with the Penis Tuner Penis Plug to get the ultimate results! This plug is made of 316L Surgical Steel and is hollow allowing bodily fluids to pass through it. At 12.7 CM (5 inches) in length with 4 1/2 inches being the insertable length of the shaft is threaded and it tapers from 7mms to almost 12mms in diameter.

It also has handles through the top to prevent over insertion and for easy removal. Slide it into your body relishing the feel of the ridges as it slowly enters your urethra bringing you intense pleasure as it goes!

Customer reviews

I purchased this plug with the intention of stretching up to 12 mm, and yesterday, I managed to screw it all the way in. Currently, my size is around 11 mm, and I exercised caution during the process. However, I encountered some difficulty when attempting to unscrew it back due to the smaller notch at the end. Therefore, my advice is not to go all the way until you are entirely comfortable at the 12 mm size.

Posted By: Theo

Posted on: Sep 03, 2023
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