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Tapered Wave Plug

Price £25.00

Quick Overview

The Tapered Wave Plug is a beautiful urethral toy made for intensity so it will satisfy even more advanced users. It tapers down nicely so it can provide many different sensations. This is a fun urethral toy you will sure enjoy!

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Product Description

The Tapered Wave Plug is a great urethral toy made for fun. It’s ideal for more advanced users, but even some beginners will sure enjoy it. It’s made of Surgical Steel so it’s body-friendly, durable and comfortable.
The plug is about 30 mm (3 inches long) and 11.75mm in diameter at its thickest usable point. It tapers down to 8mm, so even less experienced users can enjoy it.
This is a very fun penis plug you should definitely try. It will provide many happy moments!

Customer reviews

Well designed ! Great Craftmanship! Only quality products like this one are good enough for me to shove in my dick,, and leave there for extended periods. When worked down into my cock so just the little flat notched hole is visible - - - what can I say, my load shoots out of my cock like I was a teenager again !! First orgasam - I'm sitting back and stroking with the taper wave in place - my boyfriend, kneeling in front of me between my legs (normally a good location for maximum consumption) - - - - but this time I exploded with trails of cum all over my chest , there was even one squirt that I saw going past my eyes as I cleared my shoulders. Sure not to disappoint.

Posted By: Sam

Posted on: Dec 03, 2019

My second, and more aggressive in size, penis plug. I have immensely good orgasms using this product! I will be coming back for more, as I stretch out my urethra.

Posted By: Timmy

Posted on: Nov 11, 2019

Beautifully designed and made piece,with essential thru hole. I personally want one a bit longer and larger,ending in the 12 mm size range. Am having fun with this one,all the same. Thanx.

Posted By: Skhan

Posted on: Aug 16, 2019
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