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Triple Skinny Rider Penis Plug

Price £22.00 £18.00

Quick Overview

The Triple Skinny Rider Penis Plug is a fantastic urethral toy specially made for beginners. It has a smooth body and it starts out at 5 mm so it’s ideal for those who wish to try urethral stimulation for the first time. The toy is hollow and it features

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Product Description

The Triple Skinny Rider Penis Plug is made for deep sensations and comfort, so it’s ideal for beginners who wish to try this type of stimulation for the first time.The plug has a convenient size so anybody can use it. It starts out at 5 mm and it goes up to approximately 7.9 mms varying slightly, so it can provide many different sensations. The whole plug is ( 63.5 mm ) 2 ½ inches long.This toy has a smooth surface so it’s easy to insert it. It has 5/8 inches in diameter stopping disk, so it’s a nice size even for beginners, but looks very cool too. The plug is hollow so the fluids can pass through. It means you can wear this plug all day long, and you can sure wear it during sex.

The best thing about this penis plug are three humps specially made for your pleasure. They also help keeping the toy in place. The plug is made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel, so you will love to wear it over and over again.

Customer reviews

Hi from Nicaragua again!!! Get this one today as a gift from a close friend in the U.K., and can´t wait to use it too!! It looks awesome and hope to have tons of fun with it. Thanks for such a piece of art!!! Well done!!!

Posted By: Eben

Posted on: Mar 31, 2021
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