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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide


We see them in art, beautifully crafted and handed down through the centuries. They are the defining characteristic of a man- a true man with virility and honor pouring out: warrior, athlete, hero, ruler, king, and god. They are found at the very root of western civilization. From the ancient Greeks we see them in the genius sculptures of the gods; the great Greek gods all with meticulously sculpted low hanging testicles. They were an aspiration for all ancient Greek young men who worshipped in the great temples of the gods, as they gazed onward at the majesty and grandeur of the deities. They were an element of inspiration in the Italian renaissance, with the great sculptors and painters such as Michelangelo and DaVinci creating masterpiece after masterpiece. Michelangelo's "David", a towering sculpture of masculinity and strength, exhibits for all, his low hanging testicles and uncircumcised penis.

The authority figures of the ancient Greeks and Romans all had one thing in common: a pair of large low hanging testicles. Could a pair of low hanging testicles be an advantage for an aspiring young Greek or Roman? The answer seems to be "yes, most definitely". Just as in classical ancient times, there is little doubt why a man in the modern times of today would desire a pair of great low hanging testicles swinging between the legs.

In the twelfth century, philosophers and physiologists began thinking of the heart as the center of love and emotion. Over time, a heart shaped figure emerged which was synonymous with love and emotion. There are many theories as to the origin of this figure. The human body may be the source of inspiration such as the voluptuous buns of a woman, outline of the female breasts, outline of the vulva, as well as the heart shape outline of a man's low hanging testicles from the point of view of the owner. At this time, the testicles were though of as the source of sexual desire and assisted the heart with love. These were the High Middle Ages, the era of great cathedral building and a renewed interest in Greek ideals sparking a surge of energy resulting in the Renaissance.

The envy of the ancient Greeks can still be felt today. Low hanging testicles are immediately noticed by others in the showers, gyms, and saunas across the world. They tend to escalate a manly status and even evoke a sexual desire in men when they see another man with low hanging testicles. Perhaps the first thought is that it does look powerful and highly sexual, and perhaps the second thought is that of a kind of jealousy because they themselves also desire to have lower hanging testicles.

Many have asked regarding the safety of ball stretching. The techniques and equipment discussed in this article are safe within reason. To this date, the author has not heard of any injury or damage sustained through the gradual stretching of the scrotum, in order to achieve lower hanging testicles, as recommended in this article.

Both Ball Stretching and CBT use the same devices. Those who are interested in CBT have a tolerance and enjoyment of painful procedures that are directed at the penis and testicles. Some people's neuro-chemistries are at a particular ratio so that pain is experienced as pleasure. Not all who use the Ball Stretching devices (relatively few) are into CBT, but those who are into CBT use the Ball Stretching devices as well as the element of inflicted pain. Ball Stretching and CBT should not be confused with one another.

The author suggests reading the entire article in completion before an attempt at stretching is made.The text is quite long, in which case come back again several times and read a new chapter each day. This web textbook is very quickly becoming the standard to which all with interest in Ball-Stretching turn to for information.

It is the writing style of the author to mention idea, tips, and techniques more than once in the course of the article so that they may be more easily understood when the variables are slightly changed. By reading the entire article, all information can be absorbed by the reader. Throughout the article, there are several illustrative photos identified as hyperlinks. When a photo for a particular topic is available, don't forget to click on the hyperlink to view the photo. This article is also a continuous work in progress. The article is frequently updated each week with new information, simplified explanations, added illustrative photos, and techniques gained from the feedback and individual emails from readers like you. See the last few sections of this article for contact information. Email is the best, when sent directly to the author at [email protected]. The author also welcomes online chats using Yahoo Messenger. Chat user ID = jarod.johansen. Be sure to check back regularly on the "What's New" page at the top of this web book for new information and illustrative photos.

As a companion to this article, the Secretleather site hosts a discussion forum. This forum holds a vast resource of questions and answers, the ability to freely ask questions relating to Ball Stretching, a source of support from others, a chance to freely post images of progress and pride to share with others, and a source of inspiration with ability to view images posted by other users. The forum is free and unlimited.

A second very active and useful online board dedicated to information distribution regarding ball stretching is Rantallion at A rantallion is someone who has a lower hanging ball sack than the tip of his penis. This board is filled with photos, questions, stories, answers, techniques, personal breakthroughs, and anything else that relates to the Art of Ball Stretching. Posting pictures is simple and easy. The site is active, and boasts of over 10,000 members. Information exchange is encouraged and many men have taken their first step in ball stretching from encouragement they've received online at Rantallion. The author's web book is required reading for anyone with an interest in the topic. News and updates relating to this web book will be posted on the Secretleather Discussion board and Rantallion.

This article will demonstrate a method, using various techniques, on how to achieve lower hanging testicles. Yes, the aesthetics of the ancient Greeks and Romans in having a pair of low hanging testicles can be a reality for anyone interested in putting in the time, dedication, and effort. For anyone interested, the author puts forth a wealth of information on the painless and effective methods for stretching the scrotum and testicles. It is written as a guided tour through the methods, a detailed discussion of the ball stretching devices that are commonly used, and a website where the items discussed are available for sale. Here, the author has attempted to quantify a mystery, a previous unknown, and in doing so to deliver the foremost, clearest, and precise ideas on how to achieve lower hanging testicles available today. Hopefully by the end of the article, the reader will have a good understanding of the methods and materials used in the Art of Ball Stretching.