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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

"My Testicles Slip Out My Weight/Stretcher! Help!"

Perhaps the biggest fear of guys starting out with a new weight is the slippage of a testicle through the weight or leather stretcher.

In the case of the ball weight, an escaped higher testicle leaves the dominant testicle able to slip through the unrestricted inside diameter of the weight. Then, the weight will slip off as dominant testicle slips through. Sometimes, the dominant testicle remains hanging on the weight- if the sack is hanging free this means the testicle is subjected to the entire weight mass and the experience is painful until the weight mass can be removed. While at work, it is best to keep the weights inside tight underwear, as described in the Clothing: What and How to Wear Chapter earlier in this web guide.

In the case of the leather stretcher, this always results in skin pinching as the secondary testicle slips through the entire length of the stretcher and hides up high inside the body's descending canal because the top of the leather stretcher pushes it up and holds it in place. This may be painful, depending on the size of the testicle. Larger testicles experience pain and smaller testicles can tolerate the confinement. The dominant testicle usually remains below in place under the stretcher on the scrotal hang. The skin pinching and tight high testicle will require a trip to the men's room for adjustment if at work or in the public. The use of a leather stretcher requires a free hang, since confinement inside clothing is often painful from skin pinches. Even wearing boxer underwear and a leather stretcher are uncomfortable and skin pinching and no range of motion is felt. If both testicles slip through the leather stretcher, there is the chance for the leather stretcher to slip off the scrotal hang and fall out the pant leg. This is especially true for those using weighted leather stretchers.

Sometimes when wearing a heavier weight mass on the scrotal hang, the condition of a compressed testicle can result. This happens after long term wear of the weight mass without adjustment to the hang inside the weight mass with the coincidence of a scrotal hang getting tight. A compressed testicle usually happens with the secondary testicle, since it has a higher tension being pulled further than at equilibrium as it naturally hangs higher on the scrotal sack. The compressed testicle situation occurs when higher weight masses are used. The secondary testicle's rear epididymus portion is pulled up inside the weight mass central column and the testicle body is slowly compressed until it is also pulled up inside the weight. The pull of the spermatic cord and the tightening of the scrotal skin force the testicle body up inside the weight's central column. Once the testicle body is pulled inside the weight, it often gets stuck and immediate pain of testicle compression is felt. When the testicle is removed from the weight mass/leather stretcher, it will appear smaller than usual and may even feel squishy soft. In this case, the testicle must be given some time to regain the fluid volume that was squeezed out of it while wearing the weight mass/leather stretcher. The testicle will regain it's full size after several hours have passed.

If slippage of the secondary testicle up inside and through the weight is becoming a difficulty with wearing the weights or a leather stretcher, the following pointers may be of help for you. Scrotal tension is a huge factor in cases when testicles slip through the weight. Since there is no way to voluntarily control the automatic contracting and relaxing of the scrotal skin, we must take the following points of suggestion in order to eliminate the triggers that cause scrotal tension to increase. Reducing or eliminating these triggers will keep the scrotal sack in its most beneficial and comfortable phase of scrotal relaxation.

  1. Dress warmly and in layers. The contraction of the scrotal skin is partially determined by temperature. While on leisure time, wear jogging pants with sweat pants underneath. Wear thick long socks as well as two undershirts and a sweater. Having something warm in the lap such as a cat or laptop computer results in the complete relaxation of the scrotal sack. Sitting in a cross leg style also helps the sack stay warm since it can be positioned so it runs parallel down the inside of the upper leg. The sack is then kept warm by the inside of the upper leg and top of the lower leg.
  2. Regulate the use of shea lotion/butter. Sometimes, the slippage of the higher testicle is the result of the scrotal sack's inability to compensate when a partial/full contraction of the scrotal sack happens. Since the sack was originally relaxed and the weight was stretching the skin, the skin is fully stretched out. When contraction happens, the resulting sack size is too small and the higher testicle is pushed upwards into the weight. If the sack had the ability to pull some excess scrotal skin from the hang downward to the sack below the weight, the slippage would not have happened. The answer for this situation is the liberal use of shea lotion/butter for additional lubrication. On the other side of the equation, the over-use of shea lotion/butter results in the slippage of the higher testicle into the weight. This happens when a heavier weight mass is worn and the mass is so heavily lubricated that it pushes its self down and the higher testicle gets pushed into the weight central column. The answer is to use less shea lotion. The user must find the correct balance of shea lotion. Perhaps trying much lotion a few days then trying very little lotion, then determine which was better in regard to the weight stability. The perfect balance is the firm stability of the weight over the scrotal hang with the weight's ability to move up or down the scrotal hang as it cycles through it's tight/relaxed phases throughout the day.
  3. Use a lower weight mass to reduce the pressure force on the secondary testicle.
  4. Apply some ponytailers between the top of the testicles and the lowest weight/bottom of the leather stretcher. This will reduce the diameter of the column where the higher testicle is forced. Adjustment of the ponytailers must be experimented. Position them side by side immediately above the testicles and wear the weight/stretcher for a while. Sometimes pinching happens under the ponytailers and they must be adjusted higher on the scrotal hang. Sometimes position the ponytailers next to the weight or even pushing one ponytailer inside the bottom weight/inside the lowest part of the leather stretcher. Sometimes positioning two ponytailers side by side immediately above the lowest weight on the hang will reduce the size of the tunnel and prevent testicle slippage. Experiment with ponytailer placement, since this has the potential to greatly reduce the chance for testicle slippage. However, since ponytailers are so different, some may notice skin pinching and some may enjoy the experience. Ponytailers are also helpful in the event of pressure points happening with the use of a standard weight. Apply several ponytailers under the standard weight and the ponytailers will help relieve some of the direct pressure applied by the weight.
  5. Use a Ball Glove© or Barrier Bag© The ability of the scrotal skin to adjust its self along the entire central column/inside the leather stretcher's column greatly reduces the chance of testicle slippage. Keeping the scrotal sack relaxed with a bath of shea lotion is a very helpful hint for most guys.
  6. Use socks to help retain heat along the scrotal hang. This is also helpful if blood circulation is partially reduced due to scrotal tightness or weights/stretchers that have a tighter fit. Keeping the circulation flowing with unrestricted vessels from cold also increases temperature since more blood is flowing carrying the body's heat with it. The use of a thin sock worn permanently over the scrotal hang also reduces the clanking of the weights together as the hang is bounced around during movement. The use of a thick sock worn over the scrotal hang while in the privacy of the home is very helpful in reducing heat loss as well as promoting a comfortable supported feeling.
  7. The weight's inside diameter may be too large. Perhaps the 0.80 multiplier was used and the weight is slightly too big. A slight testicle compression may occur with the the tightening of the sack skin and the testicle may escape. When we measure for a weight, we measure it's relaxed full volume. Testicle compression often happens when wearing heavier weight masses, and the testicle only needs to compress a small percentage before it slips through. The answer is using the opposite 0.74 multiplier instead. This will reduce the inside weight diameter 2 - 4 millimeters. In this case, ordering a smaller weight is the answer. When wearing the new weight, wear the larger inside diameter weight on the bottom, then position the smaller weight above. This will give the user a funnel effect which distributes more weight load over a larger portion of the sack in relation to a single WMC.
  8. If the user is wearing standard ball weights, the use of a WMC on the bottom of the weight mass will greatly improve the wearing comfort and reliability.
  9. Use a half inch or one inch leather stretcher below the bottom weight on the scrotal hang. The stretcher will provide a tight fit and smaller tunnel for the higher testicle to escape.
  10. Experiment with other miscellaneous items around the scrotal hang between the top of the testicles and the lowest weight/bottom of the leather stretcher. This can include items such as:
  11. - elastic socks
  12. - baby socks cut open as a cloth sheath
  13. - rubber bands
  14. - ACE bandages cut into narrow strips to fit around the scrotal hang
  15. - twist ties
  16. If outdoor exposure is typical, often or for extended periods make certain to wear a thick sock over the scrotal hang. The use of hand warmers such as those by hunters and outdoor construction workers can be used around the scrotal hang. These are also discussed in the Points of Interest" chapter.
  17. Take time to mentally relax in order to ease the stress response in the body. The stress response includes the contraction of the scrotal hang. Those who struggle with a lot of stress, anger, anxiety and panic also experience the tightening of the scrotal sack quite often. Take time for yourself to reduce your level of stress. Find an empty secure room and listen to music to calm the psyche. Let every day stress about work and unpaid bills melt away as the body muscles relax and conforms to the contours of the a favorite comfortable chair. Let music clear your mind of other thoughts. Wear a sweater and other warm clothes, with a warm comfortable room temperature.
  18. Do NOT think about the scrotal sack getting tight. Do not make it a habit to worry about scrotal tension. Keep the thoughts of getting a contracting tight scrotal sack out of your mind. Provide your mind with alternate mental imagery such as a hot sunny day in the back yard, enjoying a hot cup of coffee in a warm cozy bath robe, or a favorite place or idea. Keep the mind active on other thoughts which are relaxing. Do not suddenly think about a stress-or such as an unpaid electric bill since these will tighten the scrotal hang.
  19. Stuff something soft and comfortable up inside the leather stretcher or wrap something very thin but comfortable around the scrotal hang before putting on the leather stretcher. Something of equal comfort can also be inserted into the weight's central column or around the sack as it remains inside the weight's central column. This will reduce the size of the tunnel the testicle would travel in order to escape from the scrotal sack below the weight. Items for insertion or wrapping around the scrotal hang can be facial tissues that are soft and puffy, thick quality toilet paper, thick quality paper towel strips, cotton balls, thin inch wide strips of a comfortable cotton cloth towel to wrap around the hang, or any other soft and comfortable piece of cloth. The goal is to find something that will not pinch or bind with the scrotal sack as it is under stretching tension.
  20. Make a shopping trip to an arts and crafts store. There are many soft comfortable items that may be inserted in to the central column of the weight or leather stretcher. Small puffy material balls of all sizes can be found, as well as elastic bands and hundreds of other soft comfortable items that may be of use to the stretching user. The author recalls purchasing several soft pink fuzzy balls for use in his stretcher, but his cat strangely adopted them all and took care of them as if they were his offspring.
  21. The relief of pressure point pain will relax the scrotal sack. Pain from use of standard weight and pressure points over the long term may happen. This kind of pain begins as a dull ache and if it is not adjusted soon the pain will intensify. The pain causes the scrotal sack to contract which results in more pain. The author recommends frequent adjustments of the weight position on the scrotal hang, keeping the sack relaxed. As an extra bonus, do some stretching exercises while adjusting the weight position. This opens constricted vessels and normal circulation of blood and lymph fluid is restored. Reposition the weight higher on the sack hang and replace inside tight underwear to hold in place while at work.
  22. The use of certain classes of medications may also have an effect on scrotal sack tension. Prescription painkillers such as Vicodin and Oxycodone clear the mind and promote a state of relaxation. Alpha and beta receptor-blocking medications such as Propanolol and Prazosin will block activated receptors in the scrotal muscles and an increase in blood flow with relaxation will occur. Medications in the benzodiazepine class also promote mental clarity and the result is a relaxed scrotal hang. Typical medications that induce drowsiness will frequently result in a loose scrotal sack. The author has no direct experience with these medications, however he has gained this knowledge through the experiences of others he has encountered online. However, the author does recommend an appointment with a general practitioner regarding what medications can be taken to promote mental clarity and reduce anxiety. Reducing anxiety and depression are key factors in maintaining a loose scrotal sack. As a professional musician, the author takes a very small dose of Propranolol before a musical performance to block beta receptors responsible for sweating hands and shaking fingers. Very small doses of alpha or beta blocking medications will do wonders for sack relaxation. Typically, 10 - 15 milligrams of Propranolol or 1 milligram of Prazosin will result in a looser scrotal sack. The author is not an MD, however, the reader can be educated on what medication has worked for other individuals. The reader can then ask the general practitioner regarding which medication would be ideal for them.

Remember to use both mental tranquility exercises as well as physical precautions in the quest for maintaining a warm comfortable scrotal hang. The fastest progress in scrotal growth will happen when the scrotal hang spends most of its time in the loose relaxed phase of scrotal tension. The weight mass or leather stretch will stimulate cellular multiplication with the stretching stimulant.

The author highly recommends a trip to a well equipped arts and crafts store. Walk the aisles and imagine ways to make each item assist in some way to adding more comfort to your stretching experience.